Online dating safety precautions for online dates

online dating safety,online dating,online dates,online,dating online,online dating safety precautionsThe world has gradually become a global village with the internet. Almost everything can be done online without leaving your home. Meeting and dating your dream partner can also start online. In recent time, many people got their dream sweethearts through online dating. You however, have to observe some online dating safety precautions to avoid being hurt or scammed.

Here are the top online dating safety precautions for online dates you have to know before dating online.

What is Your Aim of Dating Online

Different people have different aims and purposes for involving in online dating. Identifying your aim of involving in online dates will help you have a clear view of the steps to take.

Your Choice of Dating Site

People looking for love and marriage now go online for love. There are many relationships that led to marriage that began as online dates. You should join a dating site based on what your dating needs are. Be it a free or paid dating site. The fact that there many dating sites meeting the needs of different dating interests makes it easy.

Don’t be in A Haste to Meet Your Online Date

Overlooking this online dating safety precaution can easily get you into trouble. You have to date slowly enough to be able to know your online date to a certain level before meeting the person physically. Allow the relationship to remain on chatting and email level for sometime for your safety. This is one of my best online dating safety precautions because it help expose the intent of the person.

Don’t Let Out Too Much Information Too Early

Things like your home address and phone number should not be given to the person too soon. This is because you can easily be traced by your house address. If the relationship will lead to something good you still have enough time to exchange personal information. You may suspect scam if the person keeping asking for personal information too soon.

Don’t Visit or Take a Ride With Your Online Date Alone

It is a very good idea to give the person the impression that you are not completely alone. Don’t arrange for the person to pick you up at home or your office. Equally make sure you leave on your own after the date.

Inform a Trusted Friend About Your Date

It is very wise to tell your trusted friend who you are going to be with and where you are meeting. Arranging to meet with your trusted friend later the same day is cool. Your friend will easily detect if anything went wrong.

Meet in Public Places

You should always meet in a public place until you know your online date very well. Know who the person’s friends are, where he lives and what the person do for a living. This you must do before visiting the person at home or private places.

Always Use Video Chat

One of the best online dating safety precautions that ensures your privacy. It gives you the opportunity to know what the person look like before meeting in person. With video chat, you don’t need to worry too much about photos.

Be on The Lookout For Red Flags

Even when you consider all the online dating safety precautions listed above, you still must be vigilant. Always lookout for red flags. If you keeping seeing things that suggest insincerity or scam, don’t hesitate to stop all correspondence with the person.

Avoid drinking alcohol during your first date. Alcohol affects your reasoning and decision making negatively. Especially when you drink too much and get tipsy. If you must drink make sure you open the drink yourself and keep it in sight.

Your safety should always be a priority if you are online for love. Follow the online dating safety precautions discussed above to avoid being hurt or scammed online.


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