importance of courtship before marriage

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courtship before marriage

The importance of courtship before marriage cannot be over looked if you wish to have a happy and successful marriage.They are so many that you will agree with me that courtship before marriage is the stepping stone to a successful marriage. Before i go on to list the importance of courtship before marriage, let us first understand what it means for someone to be in courtship.

What is Courtship

Courtship and dating are in most cases misunderstood by many to mean the same thing. However, there is a big  difference between courtship and dating. Dating is the stage of getting to know each other without any deep commitment and clear focus. Courtship is the stage where the main focus is on marriage. It is the stage you and your partner make deeper commitments. Trying to understand how your marriage will look like. During courtship, you both talk about how many children you want, your home and money. You know each others health condition and how far you can tolerate each other. Withing the time of courtship, you decide whether to make your relationship permanent in marriage or to discontinue.

Here Are Some Importance of Courtship Before Marriage

Courtship Get You Prepared For Marriage

One of the importance of courtship before marriage is that it gets you prepared for marriage proper. During courtship, you really understand how ready you are for marriage. You will have a fair view of how prepared you are to take up the responsibilities that comes with marriage. You also check how compatible you are with your partner.

Courtship Before Marriage Helps You Understand How To Get Along With Your Partner

Let me start by asking you this question. Can you live with someone you cannot get along with for life? Let us know your answer using the comment form. One of the importance of courtship in choosing a life partner is that it helps you understand your partner very well. During your courtship, you understand how to get along with your partner. You will know what you will be able to handle and what you cannot take.

Courtship Helps Strengthen Your Relationship

Your relationship is strengthened in different ways during courtship. The more time you spend together the more circumstances you go through and find solutions together. These circumstances you pass through together increases the bond and intimacy between you and your partner. Which is very important if you are preparing for marriage. Certain things about your husband or wife to be that can make you stay or quit the relationship are revealed during courtship. Courtship gives you the opportunity to see your partner for who they are. You will also know their ability to handle different situations when they occur in your marriage. To me this is the most important of all importance of courtship before marriage.

The Necessary Changes You Both Need To Make Your Relationship Work Is Revealed During Courtship

The fact that both of you come from different back grounds shows that you have different values. There are things that mean little or nothing to you but is of high value to your partner. The same goes the other way round. You understand all this during courtship. You also know what changes both of you need to make to have a successful marriage. You start making those changes before getting married. I score this importance of courtship before marriage very high.

You Get To Know His/Her Family During Courtship

There is a saying in Nigeria that if you want to know how your wife will look like in old age take a look at her mother. The family your partner come from has a great impact on him or her. You will know and understand her family and their back ground as you get close to them during courtship. This will minimize conflicts between you and your inlaws when you eventually get married.

However, for you to reap bountifully from courtship before marriage, both of you must be sincere, focused and remove pretense from your dealings with each other. Then and only then will the importance of courtship before marriage be clearly seen and appreciated.

The importance of courtship before marriage are so numerous. You can add anyone you don’t find here using the comment box. Get to know your husband or wife to be before getting married. Understand the importance of courtship, it will save you a lot of stress and marriage problems. Embrace courtship before marriage now!



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