Happy Being Single?- How to Enjoy Being Single

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single and happy

Being single is not reason enough to be sad. You will be happy being single if you know the troubles people in marriage and relationships are going through. People in relationships don’t have the freedom you have as a single. If you are single and looking for how to enjoy being single here are a few suggestions.

How to Enjoy Being Single

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If you want to be happy being single then you must stop comparing yourself to others. You were born as you, with your own unique gifts. There can be no other you. Everything in life has got its time and season. So who ever is in a relationship or getting married should not be a reason for you to grieve. Even if you are 30 and single does not mean you won’t get married. Eliminate envy, jealousy and worry from your life and you will enjoy being single.

Ignore What Critics Say About Your Being Single

There will always be critics whether you are married or still single. Ignore your critics and enjoy being single. Some may say that something is not right with you. They may even give you a name just because you are still single. All these should not make you to start eating up yourself. You owe nobody any apology for being single. The fact that your life does not depend on your being in a relationship is a good reason for you to be happy being single.

Improve Yourself

One of the good things about being single is that you have freedom. You don’t have to consult or consider anybody before deciding what to do with yourself. Use this time to improve yourself. Further your education, learn a craft, exercise, improve your career and better your looks. All this will boost yourself confidence. Which will in turn attract good people to you.

Don’t Be Too Expectant

Be rest assured that people of the opposite sex will always come around you if you are still single. Exchange of phone numbers, email addresses, facebook and G+ user names is allowed. However being matured and still single does not mean that you should fall for just anybody. Don’t always expect something to come out of the exchange of contacts. If you always expect a sweet romantic relationship from every contact you exchange you will never be happy being single.

Appreciate Yourself

If you are looking for how to enjoy being single, look no further. Just start by appreciating yourself. If you feel that you are in a bad situation because you are still single, think again. Have you considered people who are in war zones? What about people who are sick and cannot foot their hospital bill? The homeless and people living in poverty. What about couples who have never been happy since they got married. Do you envy them? Thank God for your life. Appreciate what you have. Say positive things to yourself. Go out and have fun.

Be Positive

You will never be happy being single if you keep a negative mindset. You cannot enjoy being single if you keep saying things like “i am too old to get married” “it is not possible for me to get married”. Stop asking yourself questions like “will someone ever love me?” “will i ever get married at my age?” These type of affirmations and question can only make you sad and depressed.  Rather say positive things to yourself. Things like “i am beautiful”, ” i am wonderfully made”, “my soulmate is on the way”, ” i will get married to the best”. Love yourself, appreciate yourself for other people to love you too.

If you want to be happy being single the suggestions in this article is a good starting point. Appreciate who you are, what you are and what you have. You will first make yourself happy before other people can make you happy. You can be single and happy. If you are wondering how to enjoy being single, just remember that you are unique and made in a wonderful way. And you will ever remain happy being single till you find your better half.


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  1. JUSTICE OWUSU says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please, i need a lady for serious marriage.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

    1. solomon okere says:

      Thanks justice for stopping by. as for getting a lady to marry, based on what you want from marriage, you surely will find your heartthrob. just be the person you want

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