Improving Sexual Communication in Marriage- A Must For You

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improving sexual communication in marriage

Open and effective communication is the bedrock of any healthy and happy marriage or relationship. So is open sexual communication for any marriage that both couples enjoy sex. Improving sexual communication in marriage is a must for you and your marriage if you must have a great marriage sex life. This will enable you and your partner get the best out of sex in your marriage. Raising the degree of intimacy and connection between both of you. Lack of proper sexual communication in marriage often leaves couples far from being satisfied sexually in their marriage. Something that can lead to infidelity. Or going back to an ex for sex.

One of the things that makes improving sexual communication in marriage a must for you is that it helps your partner understand your sexual needs better. You equally understand your partner’s nonverbal communication, body language and sex advances. As well as interpreting them properly. If you can talk honestly and openly with your partner about sex then you can talk to them about anything without stress.

Improving sexual communication in marriage can be achieved if you do the following. Which i encourage you to do.

Let Your Partner Know Things You Find Pleasing During Sex

Individuals have different things they find pleasing during sex. This is very important if they have to be satisfied sexually. You must understand what these things are if you must satisfy them sexually. Most women expect their man to find out these things by themselves. However, it will help you and your partner enjoy sex faster if you tell each other what  pleases you during sex. Tell them your erogenous zones and other things you require for a satisfying sexual encounter.

Don’t Hesitate To Let Your Partner Know When You Want To Have Sex With Him Or Her

This is one of the reasons why improving sexual communication in marriage is very important. It makes it easy for you to talk to your partner about sex. Especially for newly married couples. Your partner may not have known the signs you exhibit when you want sex. You have to be open enough to tell him or her that you need them in the bed room whenever you need them. You can as well let your partner know the nonverbal communication cues you exhibit whenever you need to solve bedmatics (you need sex). Considering the importance of sex in a relationship, you should endavour to improve sexual communication in your marriage.

Let Your Partner Know What Your Sexual Turn-Ons Are

There are things women love in bed. So do men. There are different sexual turn-Ons for different individuals. Some like dirty talks and some don’t. To make sex more pleasurable in your marriage, you have to communicate your sexual turn-ons to your partner. When your partner knows your sexual turn-Ons they will know how to put you in the mood for bedroom action at anytime. You will be doing him or her and yourself a favour if you let them know what turn you on for sex.

Improving sexual communication in marriage is the beginning of a happy marriage. This is because a happy bedroom leads to a happy marriage while a bored bedroom can lead to a broken marriage. Change the negative ways you think about your partners intentions when it comes to sex and open up more for better understanding. Sincerely share your feelings about the lovemaking of the previous night, letting your partner know what you enjoyed most. And what you did not enjoy. Improving sexual communication in marriage is very important for married couples. No matter how long you have been married. It takes away the boredom in the bedroom. Making you look younger at all time.

If you are not comfortable with the sexual frequency of your partner you should discuss it with them politely. This can only be possible if both of you have an open sexual communication. You can learn more of how to handle issues like this on intimacy in marriage.

Improving sexual communication in marriage is a must for you if you want to keep your marriage. So make it a priority and you will have reasons to be happy in your marriage


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