Good Sex in Marriage- how to have good sex in your marriage

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good sex in marriage

Can there be a happy marriage without sex? Can good sex in marriage result to a happy and successful marriage? You definitely may have a different answer for these questions from other people. If your answer to the second question is yes,then you must know what it takes to have good sex in marriage. Arguably, sex is not the only way to a happy married life. A woman can win the heart of her man if she can cook good food and if she is submissive. While a man can win the heart of his woman if he is romantic and pays attention to little details. However sex is very important if there must be emotional and physical connection.

Sex can be exciting and enjoyable. It can equally be less interesting and boring. In some cultures, it is seen as a taboo for a woman to initiate sex. They believe that enjoying sex is strictly for men. For this reason, most married women don’t ever experience orgasm all through their married life. To have good sex in marriage, each partner has a role to play.

If you have been looking for how to have good sex in your marriage, the following good sex in marriage tips are all you need.

Make Your Spouse Feel Loved

If you make your spouse feel loved, he or she won’t have the feeling of being used just to satisfy lust. Rather they will have the feeling of being admired and appreciated. Good sex is much more than coming together or touching each other. It involves the hearts getting connected. You also involve your emotions if you want to have great sex in your marriage.

Accept Your Partner Spirit, Body and Soul

If you wish to have good sex in marriage you must accept your partner the way he or she is. Let me mention here that you have to accept yourself first. Regardless of whatever you think are your flaws. Size and looks should not be an issue if you want to enjoy sex in your marriage. A self conscious person may likely not give his or her best performance in the bedroom. You should be careful with your words and looks not to make your partner feel shy. Rather make your partner understand that you are with him or her spirit, soul and body. That you enjoy his or her company and his or love making.

Build Trust

Marriage intimacy is very important in any marriage. Intimacy can only come when there is trust. Trust builds confidence and confidence brings true unconditional love. To enjoy good sex in marriage there must be mutual trust between you and your spouse as well as a feeling of belonging.

Sweet Words And Foreplay

Romance is the high way to good sex, especially for your wife. Romance makes both marriage and sex exciting. Hug, kiss and touch each other passionately. Your spouse body belongs to you. So make a very good use of it during sex and always. Don’t be ashamed to say sweet words to your husband or wife. Tell them how much you sincerely cherish and appreciate them. Learn how to improve your sexual communication here.

Get Involved

You and your spouse should be involved whenever you are making love. Women are in most cases the culprit when it comes to not getting involved in making the bedroom exciting. You don’t have to just lay down and expect your husband to do all the needful. You should always  concentrate on how to please and satisfy your spouse if you must have good sex in marriage. Your spouse may feel that you don’t enjoy his or her love making if you don’t get involved. This may bring about infidelity in your marriage.

If you have not had good sex in marriage check out the list above to know where you are lacking. Sex in marriage is to be enjoyed by both people involved. You and your spouse should make your bedroom exciting and adventurous by spicing up your marriage sex. Good sex in marriage is very important for marriage intimacy and a happy married life. Take action now!

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