Still having sex with your ex?

having sex with your ex,sex with your ex,still having sex with your ex, your ex, with your ex,exOne of the reasons why it is shattering when two people in love part ways is the physical and emotional intimacy they share. There is always that temptation to still have sex with your ex. Especially at the early stage of your break up. Many people think that it is okay if you are still having sex with your ex. Others see having sex with an ex as a bad idea. However, before engaging in sex with your ex you should consider the following-

  • what caused your break up?
  • are you still having feelings for your ex?
  • are you or your ex in another relationship?
  • why do you want to have sex with your ex?
  • will you feel alright if your ex tells you that he/she is seeing someone else?
  • are you okay with being just a sex partner?
  • will you not get your emotions involved?

To me, those who think it is not a bad idea that you are still having sex with your ex are the jilters. They just feel they are having fun or doing you a favour. It will not take them any effort to walk away since they already have someone else. If you are the jilted it is a different ball game. You will realize that having sex with your ex is not fun. It is always difficult for you to take a walk because you need the relationship more. If you had a bitter break up, the thought of your ex brings bitterness to your mind. Making it difficult for any casual sex with your ex. Moving on from your ex is all you want.

If you want to survive your break up, still having sex with your ex is a bad idea. Here are some reasons why meeting up with your ex for sex is a bad idea.

1. It Slows Down Your Getting Over The Break Up

You are doing more harm than good to yourself for still having sex with your ex. It makes it more difficult for you to get over the break up and moving on from your ex. It gives you a false hope of reconciliation. Especially if you are the jilted. Making it difficult for you to be stable enough to successfully have another relationship.

2. It Makes You Guilty of Cheating on Your Partner

Cheating is one of the major causes of break ups and divorce in relationships and marriages. If you are still having casual sex with your ex, you will be having that fear and guilt of being caught cheating. And once your new lover catches you cheating on them, you have betrayed his/her trust in you. This may lead to the end of your new relationship. Keeping you tied and enslaved to your ex.

3. Emotional Trauma

This happens especially when you are still having feelings for your ex. That moment you need your ex only to find out he/she is with someone else. And you can do nothing about it. Suddenly you realize that you can no longer have all his attention as usually. Only when either of you need sex. You feel used and dumped. Bitterness and anger takes over you as you realize that your ex is no longer yours. If you have not experienced this yet and still having sex with your ex, be rest assured the situation will arise soon.

How easy do you think is the possibility of not getting your emotions involved when having sex with your ex? Especially when he/she is good when it comes to sex. It is better to be just friends or be together so that you don’t hurt someone or get hurt yourself. The sleeping together but not being together thing may likely backfire. No reason is good enough for you to be sleeping with your ex. If they value you why the break up?

Be wise, stop having sex with your ex so that you can move on with your life after the break up. Or you will remain a sex slave to your ex. I wonder the rational behind dividing with teeth what you forbid to eat.

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  1. james says:

    if you want to get over the breakup you must stop having sex with your ex. this a candid writeup…

  2. ad says:

    thanks for this candid advice.

  3. Moses says:

    Having Sex in a relationship is very bad.. Its against the will of God, and there’s great punishment for those who engage in it… Not 2 talk of those having sex with their ex. It will attract greater punishment. If you are a victim, quit it now and ask God to forgive you… Heaven is very real and Christ is coming very soon. REPENT NOW THAT YOU ARE ALIVE… No repentance after death.

    1. solomon okere says:

      thanks… however sex is very important in marriage if you want to have a happy and healthy marriage.

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