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Listening Skills

Good and effective communication is the key to any successful marriage relationship. For there to be effective communication between married couples, they must understand and practice active listening skills. Improving your listening skills is necessary if you must have a successful marriage. you must be a good listener if you want to communicate effectively. Married couples should keep developing their listening abilities to enable them understand their spouse better when communicating. You should also realize that understanding the body language of your spouse is an essential listening skill for effective communication.

Here are the best listening skills for married couples

Face Your Spouse When He/She is Speaking

Facing your spouse when they are speaking shows that you are interested in what he/she is saying. It is a positive body language that creates the right impression of active listening. Indicating that you are paying attention to whatever they are saying. It equally shows that you respect your speaking partner.

Focus on Your Speaking Partner

Focusing on your partner when he or she is speaking means that you must not prepare your response while they are still speaking. One of the listening skills that are difficult to practice. Especially when they say something you feel you should reply immediately. Or you may forget it by the time they are through. Bearing in mind that the conversation will require you to respond when your spouse is done speaking will help you focus on your speaking partner.

Maintain Eye Contact

When married couples are communicating, there should be a comfortable degree of eye contact. This does not mean that you should not blink or look way  occasionally. There are no specific formula or time frame for breaking eye contact. However, a shift in interest should not be your reason for breaking eye contact. Maintaining eye contact is one of the listening skills that suggests how interested you are in what your spouse is saying. it should therefore guide you on when to break your eye contact with your speaking spouse.

Look Out for Nonverbal Communication Signs

Understanding nonverbal communication is one of the vital listening skills for married couples. There can be no effective communication without proper understanding of nonverbal cues of your spouse. You are not just listening to the spoken words alone. You must observe and understand the nonverbal behaviours displayed by your spouse when they are speaking. Your partners tone of voice, facial expression, gestures and space are all nonverbal behaviours you should take note of. They reveal the inner thoughts and emotions of your spouse that were not verbally revealed. Especially when bitter truths are involved.

Minimize External and Internal Distractions

It is difficult to listen and assimilate when there are distractions all around you. You should stop doing or paying attention to anything else and focus on the conversation. Radio and TV sets should be turned of. Also any other thing that can cause external distraction should be put aside.

Internal distractions come as a result of your thoughts concentrating on something else while you are listening to your spouse. Whenever this occurs, refocus your thoughts on your speaking partner and what they saying. Constantly practicing this will improve your ability to concentrate. Making you an exceptional listener.

Listen With Open Mind

This is one of the best listening skills for married couples that will help them minimize fights in there marriage. Helping them learn to fight fair. You must control your assumptions and preconceptions so that you don’t destroy communication in your marriage. Don’t prejudge your partner. Even when you feel that his/her statements are not proper. You have to wait until they finish talking before reaching a conclusion and taking any decision.

Give Appropriate Response

To let your partner know that you are actually listening to them, you have to show understand. Raising your eyebrow, murmuring and exclaiming when they say certain things suggest that you are listening. Questions like “what was your response” and “what happened next” suggest that you are listening. In all, all these should not interrupt the flow of your partners thought.

Listening skills for married couples requires a lot of patience and practice to master them. This you must have in mind. The fact that it improves your ability to effectively communicate with each other should be your motivating factor.

Now that you have known the listening skills for married couples to communicate effectively in marriage, you should go ahead and put them in practice. This will help make your marriage successful. Don’t just be a reader but also a doer. Take action now!


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