True Love Test: How To Differentiate True Love From Infatuation

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True Love Test

If you think you have fallen in love and having the best relationship of your life, congratulation! However, i have some questions for you. Have you carried out true love test? Do you know if your love is true love or infatuation? Do you know how to differentiate true love from infatuation? You need to carry out true love test on your relationship before getting married. So that you don’t get frustrated early in your marriage.

Those feelings of excitement that came over you when you first met each other is not enough to conclude that what both of you have is true unconditional love. A true love test is needed to confirm if it is true love or infatuation. To differentiate true love from infatuation you need to carry out the following love tests.

The Attraction Test

What attracted you to your lover or what attracted him/her to you? What is the bases of your love and attraction? Have it in mind that physical attraction is just a minor part of true love. While infatuation focus on physical looks true love focuses on the total personality of the person. If the physical beauty of the supposed one you love fades away will you still love him/her? If “YES” is your answer then your love is true love. But if “NO” is your answer it is mere infatuation.

The Time Test

This is my best true love test of all time. Just as old wine is the best, true love gets better with time. While infatuation fades away with time. True love grows stronger when you have discovered the strength and weaknesses  of the one you love. But infatuation cannot cope with their flaws. This true love test will save you from going to relationship experts for breakup advice if you eventually get married.

The Distance Test

The distance test is one of the best tests of true love. A relationship based on infatuation dies with distance and time. You easily fall in love with any available person just to fill the gap your lover left. Distance will make your heart grow fonder of the person if your love is true. Nobody can fill the vacuum he or she left.

The Conflict Resolution Test

This true love test is a must before getting married. It can also be part of the  test for abusive relationship. Disagreements and quarrels are catalysts to a healthy and successful relationship if properly handled. If what you have is just infatuation you tend to ignore problems rather than looking for solution with your partner. When you fight, you don’t fight fair. Your solution is always self centered. You keep fighting, breaking up and making up every now and then. You argue and fight over little things. True love thrives with disagreements. Fights are less severe and less frequent. Focus will be on how to resolve the issue for the best interest of your relationship. Regardless of who is right or wrong.

The Interest Test

What is your interest in the one you love? Is your interest selfish or mutual? Is it all about what he or she will do for? Or what you stand to gain from them? If you say yes to these then it is not true love but infatuation. If your love is true, you will love that person for whom and what they are. And not for what they can do for you or what you will achieve through them. True love is selfless.

The Security Test

In a relationship, trust and security grows due to your knowledge of your partner. His/her character, track record and values all play a roll in how much trust you have for your lover. As well as how secured you feel with them. This true love test is very important to avoid infidelity in your relationship and marriage as lack of security and trust is one of the causes of infidelity in a relationship and marriage. While true love base its security and trust on careful consideration of facts, infatuation base its security on wishful thinking.

The Commitment/Work Test

Every relationship requires commitment and hard work to be successful. True love works for the mutual benefit of both partners and for the success of the relationship. True unconditional love invests time, money, is unbiased in giving and doing things to make you a better person. Infatuation thrives in daydreaming and setting unrealistic goals and objectives. With no real commitment or work that benefits neither the partner nor the relationship.

True love test is very important for the good of your marriage and relationship. It is very important you know the difference between true love and infatuation. Infatuation dies as unexpected as it came. But true love is committed, unselfish and stands where everything else have failed. Regardless of how long you have been in love, take action now to avoid a future heartbreak. Take the true love test to confirm if it is true love you and your partner have or just infatuation.

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