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Women and men have different dreams and aspirations when it comes to dating. Everybody needs dating advice to keep their relationship healthy. The dating advice for women to be discussed in this article will help women know what men want in dating relationships. It is a fact that no two men want exactly the same thing in dating. However there are things men generally want in women when it comes to dating.

Here are some dating advice for women that reveals what men want in a dating relationship.

Keep Him Happy in The Bedroom

Good bedroom communication is one of the top secrets of happy and healthy relationships. This is a dating advice women should hold on to jealously. Sex is very important in a relationship. You must keep your sex life interesting. Be a bad girl for your husband in the bedroom. A bored bedroom life can easily keep your man looking outside for satisfaction. My best dating advice for women.

Genuinely Admire Your Man

Men want women who genuinely admire them. This makes them feel smart and confident. Berating your man and always questioning his moves will make him lose confidence and leave you.

Compliment Him Whenever You Have The Chance.

This dating advice for women also apply to men. As women loves compliments so also do men. Complimenting your man will boost his self esteem and confidence. Compliment him whenever he does something that requires he be complimented.

Men Want Happy Women

Men want women who radiate happiness. One of the gains of being in a dating relationship is happiness and comfort. It is very discouraging when a man comes home only to be welcomed by an unhappy face. Be happy and nag free. A woman with a sense of humor is always appealing to any man.

Men Want Realistic Women Willing to Work For The Relationship

Every relationship needs a lot of work to be successful. Both partners have to work to make the relationship a success. Be realistic in your purpose and actions. Regardless of his flaws and weaknesses, be optimistic that you will have a successful relationship. This is a dating advice women should hold on to if they want Mr. Right to come.

Don’t Discuss Your Ex With Him

Men are not comfortable when you discuss your ex with them. Especially when it comes to their performance in bed. It gives men the feeling that something is still going between you and your ex. This dating advice for women should be guided by any woman who wants a trouble free dating relationship.

Men Don’t Want Women Who Knock at Their Mother

Many women have lost their thriving dating relationship because of ignorance of this dating advice. When you knock at their mother, most men see it as a sign of trouble ahead. Even if you don’t like his mother don’t show it openly to him. You can easily win a man’s heart if he feels that you love and care for his mother.

Men Want Independent Women

Men are meant to provide the basic needs of their women. However when you turn your man into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), it becomes a problem. He will feel you are dating him because of benefits. This can make your man become abusive. Men want women who are independent financially, emotionally and otherwise. Women who can take care of things when they are not there.

Men Want Their Women to Look Good.

One of my best dating advice for women. Just as women want good looking men, men also want their women to look good. Men love to see heads roll in admiration when their woman passes by. Take care of yourself. Try to look good always. As women talk about their men so men talk about their women.

Men Want Women Who Are Honest And Trustworthy

Any successful relationship is built on trust. If you truly love him be honest to him and he will trust you. In dating or any other relationship, trust is built gradually and should not be broken. When broken, it is always difficult to rebuild. Especially if caused by infidelity.

Men Want Women Who Are Supportive

Being interested in the interest of the man you are dating is one of the best dating advice for women to know. You can easily capture his heart by this. If he understand that you are playing a role in making his dreams and aspirations come true you become a part of his future.

These dating advice for women will give you a clue of what men want in a dating relationship. However they are not the only dating advice women should know. Understand the dreams and needs of your man and his heart is yours.

You can add other relationship advice for women you know that are not here using the comment box.

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