Dating My Best Friend – Best Dating Tips To Consider

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Dating My Best Friend

Have you been wondering and asking yourself is dating your best friend a good idea? I have actually asked myself should i be dating my best friend? Well it is not strange to see best friends dating best friends. So i said to myself it is not a bad idea dating my best friend. All i need to do if i want to date my best friend is observe some dating advice. All you need if you are also considering dating your best friend is to observe some useful best friend dating tips. According to relationship experts, if you must have a strong and healthy relationship your partner should be your best friend.

However if you are dreaming of having a serious dating relationship with your best friend you have to consider the dating tips below. These useful tips for dating your best friend i considered before dating my best friend will make it easy dating your best friend. Following these best friend dating relationship advice will make it fun dating your best friend.

Useful Tips For Dating My Best Friend

Is The Dating Friends Idea Mutual

Is this best friends to lovers thing your best friends ideas? Or is it your own idea? It is better if it is a mutual idea. Before dating my best friend, it was obvious that she wanted us to become dating friends. It is okay if you have fallen in love with your best friend. However you must be sure that your friend loves you too for you to have a meaningful and serious dating relationship. Has your best friend been flirting with you? Is there any sign they want to be more than friends to you? Has your friend jokingly or seriously ask you about becoming lovers before? You have to consider these best dating tips before you conclude to go ahead and become dating friends or not. If your friend feel the same way then there is a chance of a successful romantic relationship for you.

Is The Transition From Best Friends To Lovers Natural

Finding a best friend to trust and rely on does not come easy. So be sure not to do anything that will scare away your best friend. What gave me the confidence that dating my best friend will be a success is the closeness and affection we both have and show to each other. If you are considering dating your best friend adhere to this best friend dating advice.If your friendship is naturally becoming romantic then you are going to have fun dating. You will have no much problem telling your best friend your feelings. If the transition from best friends to lovers happen naturally it makes it easy dating your friend. So if you want to date your best friend and enjoy dating fun then let it happen naturally.

How And When Do You Tell Your Best Friend Your Feelings

Falling in love with your best friend like any other thing has its own positive and negative sides. To make dating your best friend a reality, you have to tell them your feelings. This was really a hard decision for me to make when i was about dating my best friend. At the initial stage you get overwhelmed with the feelings of fear and uncertainty. You find it difficult making a decision on how to make your romantic feelings towards your friend known to them. You get more confused as jealousy creeps in. Especially when you see them getting along with someone else. At this stage you must not let emotions get the better of you. You have to control your emotions and not be unnecessarily confrontational if you must date your best friend successfully. The best time to tell your best friend your feelings is when you are sure they feel the same way too. When i concluded within me that it will be okay dating my best friend, i was a kind of asking how do i tell my best friend that i am in love with her. You may not tell them straight. You can start by openly flirting with them. Giving them those signs that suggest that you love them and want more than friendship. Making more eye contact, getting physically closer and gradually showing them you care. Have it in mind that the compatibility may just be platonic and nothing more. So you have to really do a proper homework to know if they are in love with you. Don’t tell your best friend you are in love with them when you are with other friends. Disclose your feelings to them when both of you are alone. So that they don’t feel embarrassed and turn down your request.

What Is Your Motivation

For people who are on online dating sites,  dating profile,profile picture and description in most cases are the first things that motive a potential online dating friend. when it comes to dating your best friend it goes beyond that. You have to be sure that your feelings are not based on curiosity, infatuation and lust. Before i started dating my best friend, it was clear to me that i feel something much more than friends for her. We tell each other secrets without any restrictions or fear of betrayal. There was trust. There is a difference between love and lust. There have to be a true connection based on trust not on lust if you must have a serious dating relationship. Your understanding of your friend, how much you know them and how you communicate should be your motivation. If you have an open and effective communication then you stand a good chance of having fun dating your best friend. Who knows, your best friend dating adventure may be just all need when it comes to finding true love.

How Do You See Rejection

It is a fact that if you fail in your attempt to date your best friend, you may possibly lose your best friend. So if you are considering dating your best friend you have to think twice. I once told my best friend of how i felt so bad when a certain girl rejected my request for a date. She advised me not to take rejection personal. And i did take that advice. So when  the issue of dating my best friend came, handling rejection was never a problem. How do you tell them your feelings so that if they don’t accept, it does not end your friendship. The way you handle rejection matters here. You may reconsider your decision to move from best friends to lovers if you cherish your friendship. You have to find a way to make them understand that their accepting or rejecting your approach does not affect your friendship. This can only be possible if you don’t take rejection personal and they accept your offer.

If you have been thinking of dating your best friend you should also consider how much they know about you. When i newly started dating my best friend, the things she knew about me became a kind of guide to me anytime i want to do some certain things. Especially if i recall her reactions the time i told her. Is what they know about you going to play a positive or negative role in your friends to lovers relationship? You can get a true picture of the answer to this if you can recall how your best friend reacted when you told them certain things about yourself. Be it your past relationship, your crush or family background. All these you most consider before openly making an attempt to date your best friend.

There are so many friends with benefits dating out there and having the best dating experiences of their lives. I can boldly say i am having fun dating my best friend. So stop asking yourself if dating your best friend is a good idea. It is, if it comes naturally and both of you feel the same way. If you want to date your best friend and have fun dating them you have to follow these best friend dating advice. They made dating my best friend fun for me.

If you have other opinions regarding my dating my best friend share it using the comment box.

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  1. Fatigun Funmilayo says:

    Is it possible 2 love a friend somuch that all you want is just to be with them,but each time u spend days together you get really tired of the person. Is there a possibility that goin into relationship with that person will work? But there is a strong love in that friendship.

    1. admin says:

      thanks Funmi. yes it is possible to love a friend to that extent. however in this case it may be infatuation and not real love because you don’t get tired of anybody you love. definitely there are things you like about that person and that’s why you are missing him.and there are things you don’t like about him too. You have to know what you want in a relationship before taking a dating step. wishing you the best of luck

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