Date Your Best Friend – Top 7 Reasons to

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Best friend dating

You are now very sure you have fallen in love with your best friend. But you are still asking can you date your best friend. Still wondering if you have good reasons to date your best friend. For ages there has been success stories of best friends dating best friends. If this has been the obstacle between you and dating your best friend then consider it removed. Here are some good reasons to date your best friend.


The first hurdle people in a new relationship must cross is getting to know each other. As you start to date your best friend, this hurdle is crossed already. You already know their likes, dislikes, needs, dreams and aspirations. Some relationships don’t get past the early stage because the partners involved could not understand each other. When it comes to dating your best friend this problem is almost solved.

Open And Good Communication

This is one of the best reasons to date your best friend. Most good relationship tips and advice stress much on good and effective communication. For any relationship to be healthy and successful there must be effective and open communication. Most relationships fail because of lack of good communication. Effective communication includes verbal and nonverbal communication. You have to acquire some important nonverbal communication skills to help you understand your partner better. In the case of dating your best friend, the issue of communication is solved already. It is very clear that you can tell your best friend anything without the fear of betrayal. Dating friends easily get along very well when it comes to communication in a relationship. Dating a best friend can be fun if the communication lines are open. It makes dating fun with less relationship problems.

Relationship Secrets And History

This is one of the benefits you derive from dating your best friend. Also one of the best reasons to date your best friend. If you love dating your best friend take this as a top best friend dating tip. You must have been telling each other secrets about your former relationships. So there is a chance that you know most of your best friend’s former relationship partners. Possibly you know what went wrong in their past relationships, what your best friend want in a relationship and things to avoid in the relationship. It will also be difficult for your best friend to cheat you with their ex since you know most of them.

You Know Each Others Goals And Priorities

On the road to becoming best friends, you must have helped each other in one way or the other to achieve their goals and become a better person. You know each others dreams, goals and priorities. Before moving from best friends to dating you already know all these about your best friend. Consider this one of the strong reasons to date your best friend. You have helped your best friend in their career, academics and more before. So it won’t be a problem helping them now that you are having fun dating.

Familiar With Each Others Families

People dating each other don’t always find it easy meeting their romantic partners families. If you wish to date your best friend this stage is already gone in your relationship. As a best friend you are already familiar with each others families. Making it one of the best reasons to date your best friend. Those questions of how you will impact and support their son or daughter must have been dealt with. They know you and how supportive you have been to each other. You will not be looking forward to meeting a stranger as a father in-law or mother in-law. This is one of the advantages dating friends have over new dating relationships.

You Have Things In Common

As best friends, you have things in common that you enjoy together. When you become dating friends, you have more time to do those things you enjoy together. This will help to create more physical connection as well as emotional connection. A top reason to date your best friend that helps you keep romance alive in your relationship.

You Are Relaxed With Each Other

When it comes to dating your best friend, you have already gone beyond this stage of trying to impress your new found lover. You are already comfortable with each other. You and your best friend turned lover can dress casually and go out for a date. You have seen each other on your best looks and worst looks. Without makeups, perfumes and probably with unkempt  hair. You will have fun dating your best friend because the hardest part of the job is already done.

If you have fallen in love with your best friend and looking for reasons to date your best friend here they are. So stop looking for how to start dating your best friend and take the bull by the horn. These reasons will make things easy dating your best friend and have the best dating fun of your life. It really is a good idea to date your best friend.

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