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wrong reasons to get married,marriage, flirting married,married,relationship,relationships,married seeking,person to marry youPeople who want to get married must have genuine reasons. Many marriages and relationships end up in divorce and broken relationships. This is because the couples involved got married for the wrong reasons. Some who were able to fix their marriage went to marriage experts and relationship counselors for help. They did not go for break up advice because they want to keep their marriage. There are so many wrong reasons to get married. You see married and flirting couples all because they had no good reason to marry someone. If you want to get married and have said to yourself ‘when i get married divorce is not an option’ then consider the wrong reasons to get married discussed below. These wrong reasons to get married about to be discussed will help you determine whether you are getting married for the wrong reasons or not.

Wrong Reasons to Get Married


Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction is one of the important factors that keep people happy in marriage and relationships. Sex also help keep relationships problems out of a relationship and marriage. However it should not be the only reason to marry someone. Once you no longer get that sexual satisfaction you become sex starved. You most likely will start looking else where to get sexually satisfied. This definitely will lead to relationship problems. This is one of the reasons we have many flirting married people. Some see lack of sexual satisfaction as a reason to get divorce. This is one of the wrong reasons to get married young people fall for in most cases.

You Have Been Dating For A Long Time

Should you marry someone because you have been dating for a long time then you married for wrong reason. This is one of the wrong reasons to get married many people fall for. If you know there are issues within you that has been keeping you from talking about the future with your partner why not get it clarified before getting married. Stop worrying about the years you have spent in courtship. Your focus should be on how you will spend the rest of your life with the person. Will your marriage be a paradise or hell? The answer to this question will be determined by the reasons you got married.

She is Having my Baby/He is The Father of my Baby

This is one of the wrong reasons to get married that is very common among youths. It is okay to make mistakes. However, it is worse to live continually in that mistake. The truth is that having children is not a criterion for a marriage to work. The fact that a baby is coming or is here does not mean a great marriage ahead. It is not to the best interest of the children if their parents subject themselves to all forms of abuse and convenience for their sake. The children are the ones to suffer most from an abusive relationship and divorce. It is better if both of you should come together and work out a better solution. The children are not the cause of the problem. Rather the problem came up because you married for one of the wrong reasons to get married.

Your Parents Like Her/Him 

If this is your reason to marry someone then you are getting married for the wrong reasons. Bearing in mind that marriage is between two people, this should not be the motivation behind your marriage or relationship. Your parents view of her/him may likely be different from your own view of the person. Their view has little to contribute when it comes to making the marriage or relationship work. You just have to put your feelings and happiness first. Then hope your parents approve of your union. If you go ahead with the marriage you most likely will be unhappily married. This is because your marriage is based on one of the wrong reasons to get married. It is based on a faulty foundation.

He/She Has Endured a Lot For Your Sake

He/she has endured so much for your sake. Probably has contributed a lot in making you a better person. The sooner you realize that you can never pay off that debt the better for you. This will be one of your very bad reasons to get married to that person. Especially if you don’t see your needs in marriage being met by that person. You should not pay her with marriage if your heart is far from it. Look for other ways of compensation other than marriage.

You Are Ripe For Marriage

It is good you you recognized that you are ripe for marriage. However it is not the only good reason to marry. The fact that you are ripe for marriage does not bring along the right person to marry you. Having all the good things one can think of, good job, cars and other valuable investments are not the best reasons to get married. If you are not marrying for love then you are getting married for the wrong reasons. It is a fact that when it comes to getting married there are no path put down for everyone to follow. We desire different things in life. Your desire and feelings should be your guide and not logic when it comes to marriage and relationship.

Your Peers Are All Married

This is one of the wrong reasons to get married most young people get trapped in. If you realize the agony you will face all your life for marrying the wrong person, you will understand that being the only unmarried person among your peers is no big deal. The follow the bandwagon approach should not apply when it comes to marriage if your happiness means anything to you.

You Are Having The Same Birthday Anniversary

It is okay to become friends with someone who shares the same birthday anniversary with you. You should not fall for this temptation when it comes to marriage and relationship. Marriage goes beyond birthday anniversary. Your future and happiness is at stake here. What is the usefulness of having the same birthday anniversary when happiness and comfort is far from your marriage relationship. You definitely are in marriage for the wrong reasons if this is your motivation.

To Maintain Family Ties

This is one of the wrong reasons to get married brought about by close families. Parents who want to maintain their closeness with another family arrange marriage for their children. Some with business empires do it to protect their wealth. They do this without putting into consideration the feelings of the people getting married. People who marry people based on family ties in most cases end up becoming unhappily married. Women who get married and men who get married must have a good reason to get married. They may end up becoming married and bored if their relationship is not based on love. It is certain that you are not living the rest of your life with your parents. Rather you will be sharing your bed with the person you married for the rest of your life. Having this in mind, your focus should be on finding the right person to marry you and not the right family or group.

To Get at Your Parents

Are your parents frustrating you at home? Putting pressure on you to get married. Or have they gone ahead to arrange marriage for you without your consent? In an attempt to counter the marriage arrangement you got married to or got pregnant for someone you have no real love feelings for. Then you are in marriage for one of the wrong reasons to get married. Your parents may feel bad and disappointed. However you will realize that you took a wrong decision when you discover that the person you got married to does not posses the qualities you desire in a partner.

There are many other wrong reasons to get married apart from the ones discussed in this article. Marrying for love is the best reason to marry someone. Some people who are in marriage for wrong reasons end up becoming flirting married couples or married seeking comfort and happiness.  Most married men who cheat and married women who cheat may have married for some of the wrong reasons discussed in this article. You should have a clear vision of what you want in marriage to avoid being unhappily married.

Now that you have known some of the wrong reasons to get married go ahead and make a clear decision of what you want in marriage. This will also help you avoid being married and bored. You will not see reason to get divorce after marriage. Use the comment box to add other wrong reasons to get married you know that are not included in this article.


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  1. james says:

    it really is a trying situation to be single and of marriage age. one just have to be very careful or you will make a wrong choice in marriage

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