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Break up signs

Have you been asking yourself should i break up this relationship? Are you in a relationship and thinking of another love relationship? Well this could be one of the signs you should break up.

Every relationship, both healthy and unhealthy relationships has it’s ups and downs. No romantic relationship grows stronger without relationship problems. It is very important if you know when you should break up a relationship. Knowing when to break up depends on your knowing the signs you should break up your relationship. The following signs you should break up your relationship discussed below are not the only break up signs. However they will serve as a guide if you are considering a breakup.

No Plans For The Future Together

One of the natural dreams of anyone in a romantic relationship is the dream of the future together. You plan how both of you will live in the future together. Talking of things like how many kids you will have, how to raise your kids together, where to make your home, how to manage your finance and many more.Making these plans together brings the feelings of safety and security to both partners in love. If you find yourself in a situation where you or your partner is not willing to talk about the future together then something is not right. Even when the issue is raised all you get is a negative response. This is one of the signs you should break up the relationship and take your love to someone else.

Fighting Quickly And Dirty

Little fights and constructive arguments that does not involve physical contact are allowed in relationships to make the relationship better. But picking fights easily and physical abuse are sure signs you should break up that relationship. You don’t have to wait till you become a handicap before you leave that relationship. Everything about your partner upsets you or the other way round. You start using your partners weak spots against them to make them feel bad or they do it to you. This is likely a sign of resentment for your partner. When start fighting publicly without caring about who is listening or watching, it is a sign your relationship is out of control. You no longer have respect for your partner or they no longer have respect for you. It is one of the break up signs telling that if you don’t breakup now things will get worse.

You No Longer Find Your Partner Attractive

In the early stage of your relationship you find everything about your partner attractive. They too find you attractive. Their smile, laugh, eyes, hair, smell and other body features makes you dream of being with them always. Now when you look at your partner you see things the other way round. Everything about the supposed love of your life is negative. The flaws and faults that once made no difference to you suddenly becomes to difficult to bear. You dislike your partner for everything. You don’t need no fortune teller to know it is break up time.

No Longer Keeping Your Secrets Secret

Every successful relationship is built on trust. Consider going for breakup advice if trust is no longer found in your relationship. You can no longer confide in your partner. You tell them a secret, they let it out to people you least expect. Don’t keep asking should you break up, it is one of the sure signs you should break up.

Either Of You Start Keeping Secrets

This is one of the break up signs you should not neglect. It is one of the warning signs of infidelity in a relationship. There is no successful relationship without trust and good communication. No lies, no secrets and scandals. When you and your partner suddenly start keeping secrets from one another, something is wrong. Sudden passwording of computer and laptop, locking phones with codes, changing facebook, twitter, G+ and other social networking sites passwords. It is one of the signs your relationship is in trouble. One of the top signs you should break up.

Cheating On Your Partner Is No Big Deal

Consider it breakup time if you start cheating on your partner or your partner start cheating on you without seeing it as a problem. Cheating is a total lack of respect to your partner. You start having other romantic relationships without considering the feelings of your partner. Their is no need of questioning yourself if you should break up, it is one of the signs you should break up. You must have fallen out of love.

You No Longer Miss Your Partner When They Are Not Around

If you are always looking for reasons not to be with the one you love then it is time to breakup. You no longer miss them when they are not around. It is time to seek breakup advice cause you no longer love your partner. It is time to leave the relationship. You are emotionally disconnected.


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  1. Nene Rayner says:

    I like to be part of ur post, I want to be seeing all what u post about relationships . And I have a question for this group, how will u handle a man that want u for what u have, how can one end that relationship?

    1. admin says:

      thanks for stopping by to view my blog. on your question, it depends on what you want out of that relationship. if the man want you for what you have then he does not love you unconditionally. see signs you should breakup , wrong reasons to get married and reason for staying in an abusive relationship for more advice and help. Goodluck

  2. juliet says:

    well researched and written down.

    1. admin says:

      thanks Juliet for checking out my blog

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