Warning Signs of Infidelity

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warning signs of infidelity

Are you looking for warning signs of infidelity in a relationship or marriage? Do you feel you have a cheating spouse? Did you just read a book on or an article on relationship infidelity or marital infidelity? Stop the search! Your spouse may not likely be engaged in an extramarital affair. You may be having the feeling that your spouse is cheating while they are not. Hence the search for warning signs of infidelity.

However, you may also not be far from the fact that your spouse may be involve in marital infidelity. In this article, we will share the most common signs of infidelity in marriage or romantic relationship. Sit back and read through to learn how to rid your relationship or marriage of extramarital affair.

It is note worthy say that relationship infidelity also happens in healthy relationships. So you should not have the idea that possibility of having a cheating spouse is only in an unhealthy relationship.

Signs of Infidelity

Your Spouse Start Keeping Late Nights

This is one of the top signs of infidelity exhibited by a cheating spouse. They keep long working hours and frequent after work meetings that keep them coming home late. Some take business or official trips that take them out of town for long periods. By this, they stop spending quality time with you and creating vacuum in your relationship.

Your Spouse Becomes Defensive Unnecessarily

This is another of the signs of infidelity exhibited by a cheating spouse. When confronted with issues, they become defensive in their response . They are not ready to give in or accept their short comings. Always having someone or something to blame. This is a common sign of relationship infidelity.

Your Spouse Emphasizes Their Right to Privacy

In any healthy relationship, sharing of information and time is very common. However, a cheating spouse will emphasize their need for privacy. Telling you things like you don’t have a right to their phone or laptop, that it is their private life. When confronted with issues regarding their excessive late nights, long working hours, frequent long trips out of town or long hours with the laptop, you hear things like “i have the right to keep friends” or “it is my life”. This is a top sign of marital infidelity.

Your Spouse Complain About Your Excessive Control

This one of the signs of infidelity spouses involved in marital infidelity take to. They want to control the way things happen in your relationship or marriage. If they don’t succeed, they start complaining of you being over controlling. An unfaithful spouse will insist on being given more space. Take note that your spouse may be involved in relationship infidelity if control is an ongoing issue in your relationship.

Your Spouse Pays More Attention to Their Appearance

This is one of the top warning signs of infidelity too difficult to ignore. This is a giveaway to most spouses involved in relationship infidelity. A cheating spouse will dress to impress their new found love. If you see the love of your life suddenly start buying new clothes, working out in the gym or start taking extra care and time when making up, know they are up to something. It most likely may be an extramarital affair.

Your Spouse Constantly Picks Fight Unnecessarily

This is one of the most prominent warning signs of infidelity a cheating spouse displays. A spouse involved in marital infidelity easily becomes angry with you, impatient, aggressive and rude. This sign of relationship infidelity also goes with the unfaithful spouse constantly picking fights with you, disrespectful and avoiding your family members and friends. They are always complaining of trivial things. They refuse to talk about it when confronted with the issue.

Your Spouse Develop Interest in a New Hobby

One of the warning signs of infidelity that leaves your cheating spouse depressed, withdrawn, unhappy and lacking of energy at home. You see them full of energy and zeal doing whatever they do outside. They develop a sudden interest in a new found hobby. It may be a sport or an event. When confronted, your spouse if involved in relationship infidelity becomes unnecessarily angry and defensive. They may claim they are just having fun with friends. Your love may be having an extramarital affair if you notice this in them.

Your Spouse Becomes Emotionally Withdrawn

This to me is the worst warning signs of infidelity in a marriage or relationship. The love of your life becomes emotionally withdrawn, distant and self absorbed. They live as if they are single. The spouse that is involved in marital infidelity will have their own plan. Your cheating spouse becomes disinterested in you. They are also not interested in improving your marriage and relationship. Spouses deep in relationship infidelity will rebuff any attempt you make to show them affection, especially in public. They don’t want their new found love to see them being warm towards you.

The signs discussed here are not the only warning signs of infidelity in marriage or relationship. Other signs of infidelity include but not limited to catching your spouse lying always, not always wearing their wedding ring, suddenly having a private email, you notice something different in your sex life. If your spouse is uncomfortable discussing issues affecting your relationship, they may be involved in relationship infidelity. However it is important to state that your partner may exhibit some or all of the infidelity warning signs discussed and not be involved in marital infidelity. A cheating spouse may also not exhibit any of these infidelity signs and still engage in extramarital affair.

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