True Unconditional Love: Understanding Real Love

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true unconditional love

Most people keep asking can there be true unconditional love? Is unconditional love real? These and other questions about true unconditional love will be answered in the paragraphs below.

What is Unconditional Love

Unconditional love means loving someone without limitations. You don’t expect anything in return for the love and care you give out to the person. If you unconditionally love your partner, you don’t attach anything to it. Situations and relationship problems does not change it. You unconditionally care about their happiness. This is real love being expressed freely and undiluted. You care for the happiness of your partner without any thought of what you will get in return. It is also unconditional love when your partner sincerely care of your happiness.

Finding real love that is unconditional seems to be very rare this days. However, if you understand what true unconditional love is and how to give it out, you stand a better chance of finding true love and keeping it. You may be asking yourself how can i recognize true unconditional love? Here are ways to differentiate real love and imitation love.

True Unconditional Love Encourages Authenticity

If the love you have for your partner in unconditional, you love him or her for who they really are. Not who you want him or her to be. You allow your partner to live their life. You know who and what they are, their flaws and weaknesses. All these does not stop you from loving your partner. Neither you nor your partner hide your real self.

True Unconditional Love Looks Senseless

Real unconditional love does not look at flaws and short comings. Your partner may be abusive, a drug addict and an alcoholic. Yet you still love them. If you sit down and ask yourself ‘why do i love him/her’, getting a genuine answer will be very difficult. You genuinely prefer looking for a solution to their short comings to living without them. You love your partner but hate the behaviour. Unconditional love makes you separate your partner from his or her behaviour.

True Unconditional Love May Not be Reciprocated

True love does not bother if it is reciprocated or not. You know that your partner does not reciprocate the affection, care and love you show them. Real unconditional love does not allow you close your heart against your partner for not reciprocating your love. You can express your feelings but it does not stop you from caring and loving your partner unconditionally.

True Unconditional Love is Caring

Real Unconditional Love is what makes you put your partners happiness before yours. True love makes a woman clean her husband up when he comes back home dead drunk, messing himself up with vomit. Probably there was no food in the house. He went and got drunk with the money he was supposed to use for the provision of food and other necessities. Issues like this don’t stop you from showing affection, care and passion to your partner. There can be no real love without care and commitment.

True Unconditional Love is Not Manipulating

Restrictive statements and behaviours are not found where there is unconditional love. Rather the happiness of the love of your life is of utmost importance. Statements like “if you love me, don’t…”, “why did you go there, if you love me” are meant to restrict your partner from something. Regardless of the happiness or satisfaction they will derive from it. You don’t have to fake things or make statements to manipulate your partner. Rather you talk things over with him or her for a better solution. It is not unconditional love when you love your partner for doing things you want them to do.

True Unconditional Love Is Not Violent

Passion may cause jealousy which can eventually get you inflamed.  However when physical violence and emotional abuse becomes the other of the day, then it is not real love. If he/she hits you always, it is okay to leave.

True Unconditional Love is Not Staying When You Are Supposed to Leave

It is not strange if you unconditionally love a partner who is not meeting your needs. Emotional, sexual, career, financial and self improvement all needs that are to be met in a relationship. If he/she is always cheating on you, you can leave for your safety. If your partner is always holding you back from reaching your dreams and aspirations, their is no true love. Unconditional love is meant to enrich the relationship and the people involved. It is okay to leave if the relationship is not making you a better person in any way. However your leaving does not end the love you have for your partner.

True unconditional love means a gift of heart without any string attached. You give yourself freely to your partner asking for nothing in return. You simply follow your heart. Real love is all about caring, commitment and intimacy. Understanding real love is key to finding true love.Real love is unconditional and finding true love requires you to love unconditionally. If you love this article share it with your friends.


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