effects of infidelity on a relationship

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Effects of infidelity

Effects of infidelity on a relationship can be very devastating. Both the cheat and the cheated all get the negative effects of infidelity. Infidelity effects can be permanent. Infidelity and divorce in most cases go hand in hand. Especially when it get to do with adultery. It means that infidelity is the greatest cause of divorce. The Effects of infidelity on a relationship is more devastating compared to how much spice you think it adds to your life. Cheating brings with it a lot of negative effects that cause emotional pain, physical pain and mental trauma.

The most common negative effects of infidelity on a relationship include:

Broken Trust

Any thriving relationship has its foundation on trust. It is the most indispensable element of a relationship. One of the effects of infidelity on a relationship is broken. It is difficult in most cases for you to get over the shock of discovering is having an affair outside your relationship. You pass through a lot of emotional trauma as well as mental trauma. Your partners infidelity may cause you not to ever trust them again. This may also make you never to trust anybody again in a relationship. It will not be easy for you to forget the devastating experience of infidelity you had. Broken trust in a relationship can mean the end of the relationship.

Damage to Self Esteem

The discovery that your love is having an extramarital affair can hurt a lot. You start asking yourself questions you find no genuine answers to. Questions like “what have i done wrong”,”what is my mistake”,”did i go wrong in anyway”,”are my not good enough for him/her?”. Feelings of low self esteem overwhelms you. This is one of the effects of infidelity on a relationship that makes the cheated vulnerable to cheating. Infidelity in a relationship causes mental and emotional imbalance which leads the cheated to self accusation. In some cases, you forget that it was the fault of your partner that they indulged in extra marital affair. Inferiority complex may set in as well.

Mental And Emotional Trauma

This is one of the negative effects of infidelity on a relationship experienced by the victims of infidelity. The discovery of your partners infidelity will cause a serious emotional trauma for you. You will be so engulfed in trying to find out the reasons for cheating you. Infidelity in a relationship will make you pass through mental and emotional trauma with negative feelings surrounding you. Feelings of depression, frustration, helplessness, abandonment and anxiety will take over you. Sleeplessness, inability to eat and lack of concentration may also set in.

Injury to Self Image

This is one of the negative effects of infidelity on a relationship suffered by people who hold a high profile position.  Infidelity can ruin your public image. Self image is very important to high profile sports persons, religious leaders, politicians and other public figures. Any scandal that has to do with morale can deal a devastating injury to their self image. Infidelity is a very expensive habit for you if you have a self image to protect. It can cost you your career. The thought of being scrutinized in public with your partner for infidelity can be very embarrassing.

Withdrawal And Dent to Social Life

One of the negative effects of infidelity suffered by victims of cheating is withdrawal. If you are a victim of infidelity, the shame of confronting the reality of cheating can force you to withdraw friends, family and social functions. Your social life becomes empty. Despair and loneliness becomes part of your life. You become emotionally detached to your family, friends and even your cheating partner. Withdrawal can lead to more severe actions like revenge and suicide.

Hostility And Retaliation

Extramarital affair by your partner can lead you to infidelity just to retaliate or revenge for their unfaithfulness. The reason behind this action may just be for your partner to experience the same suffering and emotional trauma you went through. You still go ahead to cheat on your partner even though you know that two wrongs cannot make a right. Hostility becomes the order of the day. You prefer to use infidelity as your own way of retaliation.

Effects of infidelity on a relationship can be devastating and injurious. If you are thinking of cheating on your partner better have a rethink. Think of the affects infidelity will have on you, your partner and your relationship. Many couples don’t recover from the effects of infidelity on their relationship. Avoid experiencing the negative effects of infidelity on a relationship, don’t cheat!




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