Causes of infidelity in relationships

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causes of infidelity

Have you been wondering what are the common causes of infidelity in relationships? Are you considering entering into an extramarital affair? Are you falling in love with someone different from your partner? Or may be you have been wondering why people cheat in relationships and marriage. You are not alone in this. Many people who has a cheating partner think likewise. However, this article on causes of infidelity will expose some common causes of infidelity in relationships and marriage.

Causes of infidelity to take note of include the following;

Lack Of Sexual Satisfaction

This is one of the major causes of infidelity and divorce in relationships and marriage. When you can no longer give your partner who is sexually active that sexual satisfaction they need, then expect infidelity in your relationship. For any relationship or marriage to be free from infidelity, passionate and satisfying lovemaking is essential. Nowadays, the size of the man has been an issue in relation to sexual satisfaction. However, when it comes to quality love making, action speaks louder than size. I am not saying that it is a crime for a man to be endowed or is of big size. What i am saying is that the size of the man should not be an issue rather the effective use and satisfaction derived should be. Don’t deny your partner sex when they are in need of it. If you deny them sexual satisfaction, you are giving them reason to look for sexual satisfaction outside your relationship. It is a known fact that sex brings intimacy in a relationship. If you don’t know how important sex is in a relationship, this is one of it.

Lack Of Effective Communication

Most relationship problems arise due to lack of good and effective communication. Lack of effective communication is one of the major causes of infidelity in relationships and marriage. You may not understand and fulfill your partner’s needs due to lack of effective communication. Needs of your partner include emotional, mental, physical and sexual needs. This can prompt your partner to have extramarital affair in search of marital happiness. Lack of effective communication should not be found in any relationship to avoid cheating.

Away From Your Partner For Long Periods

This is one of the common causes of infidelity that should be taken seriously. If you consider the lonely nights coupled with stress and other unforeseen issues associated with long business trips, you will understand why it is one of the major causes of infidelity. It can also be said to be one of the reasons for the increase in divorce rates. Long trips can also be said to be the most common set up for temptations that lead to infidelity. You take your dinners alone in most cases. You find it interesting and tempting to meet someone who is attractive away from the watchful eyes of your partner, family and friends.

Lack Of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy between partners in a relationship can cause cheating in a relationship. Intimacy is the cord that binds two people together emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually. It is those cuddling, kissing, touching, soothing talks and communicating that makes two people in love to feel connected. Money, cars, houses and other material things don’t really give that connection and intimacy. This is one of the reasons some women married to rich men have extramarital affair. You cannot put all your energy and time into your job, business, children, family and friends neglecting your partner and not expect infidelity in your relationship. Endeavor to spend quality time together doing things that will give you and your partner a sense of oneness and intimacy. Both partners want to feel appreciated.

Lack Of Excitement

This is one of the causes of infidelity in relationships and marriage that requires urgent attention. It is hard for partners to stay in a relationship that lack excitement, fun and adventure. When a relationship is characterized with boredom, partners may look else where for excitement and happiness. This in most cases happen when they are sexually bored. This definitely will invite infidelity. You have to be creative, spontaneous and always looking for ways to freshen up your relationship. Surprising your partner with unexpected gifts and trips is a very good way to keep romance alive in your relationship.

Revenge For Being Cheated

Some people take to cheating just to get back at their partner for cheating on them. Infidelity is their own way of revenge even though they know that two wrongs cannot make a right. Unfaithfulness is their own way to relieve anger.

High Sex Drive

This is one of the causes of infidelity in relationships that is very hard to deal with. People who have a high sex drive feel they are entitled to get sexual satisfaction outside their relationship. It doesn’t matter how satisfied they are sexually in their relationship. They will always cheat just to get sexual satisfaction.

The common causes of infidelity in relationships discussed above are not the only causes of infidelity in relationships. There are other causes of infidelity such as:

  • Low self esteem
  • Running into an ex
  • Nagging
  • Pornography
  • Been too close to the opposite sex

These causes of infidelity in relationships should be avoided by all means to ensure that cheating is eliminated in your relationship. You can as well talk to your partner if they have cheated on you to know what made them have extramarital affair. This is because causes of infidelity in relationships may differ from one person to another.


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