types of nonverbal communication in relationships

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types of nonverbal communication

There are different types of nonverbal communication used to express so many things in relationships. No relationship can grow without good communication. Be it nonverbal, verbal or written communication. Knowing the major types of nonverbal communication is as important as communication. Developing your personal communication skills will help you have a successful relationship.

There are different types of nonverbal communication patterns you can use to communicate with your partner. The following nonverbal signals are the most commonly used world wide to communicate interests in relationships.

Body Movements And Posture

The way you move your body or carry yourself communicates a large information about you to your partner. They include your stance, posture, bearing and movements. You can checkout your own perception of your partner by the way they hold their head, walk, sit and stand. This will help you know more about how body movements and postures can send a lot of message to others.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the very important types of nonverbal communication. Your spouse can read from the way you look at them, so many things like interest, attraction, affection or hostility. With eye contact, you maintain the flow of conversation with the love of your life and also gauge their response.

Facial Expression

There is no doubt that the human face can be used to express countless emotions without saying a word. Some forms of nonverbal communication may differ depending on your region, race or ethnicity. But facial expressions are universal. The facial expression for surprise, fear, anger, happiness or sadness are the same all over the world. It is one of the major types of nonverbal communication that are easily read.

You can look at the face of your spouse  and tell if they are happy, sad or angry. When you go out on a date with your partner, you can easily tell if they are having fun by mere looking at their face and reading their expressions.


Gestures are one of the major types of nonverbal communication made use of in our daily communication. We use our hands when speaking or arguing with our partners, consciously or unconsciously expressing ourselves with gestures. You beckon, point and wave your hands while speaking for repetition, contradiction, complementing or emphasizing a point. You get to a stage in a relationship where you can communicate with your love for a long time without saying a word.


This is one of the nonverbal communication cues that is used to send many messages without words. Everybody including your love, has a need for physical space. This may differ depending on the situation, culture or how intimate the relationship is. It is not strange to feel uncomfortable during a conversation because your spouse is standing too close or too far from you. Physical space can be used to communicate different nonverbal messages such as intimacy, affection, aggression, dominance and many more in a relationship.


This is one of the types of nonverbal communication skills that is used often in a relationship. A touch from the love of your life sends different messages to you depending on the situation on ground. From a hand shake to a tap on the shoulder, a hug, a pat or rubbing of the head, they all send messages you clearly understand without a word being spoken.


Talking about types of nonverbal communication that are universal, your voice is one of them. When you speak to your love, they read your voice in addition to listening to what you are saying. They also pay attention on how you say what you are saying. They pay attention to your timing, the loudness of your voice, pace, tone and inflection. They also pay attention to sounds that convey understanding.

Nonverbal communication skills are a must in any relationship to make that relationship a success. Effective communication skills and personal communication skills are needed to achieve a good nonverbal communication skill. However, mastering and practicing different types of nonverbal communication in relationships does not happen over night. You are not born with it. Just keep studying the different types of body language exhibited by your partner. It happens over time as you and your partner put them to daily use as you communicate with each other.



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