Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

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Relationships trouble

Are you experiencing relationships trouble? Do you think you are in an unhealthy relationship? You don’t seem to understand the way your relationship is going. You keep wondering if this is the same relationship you have been into. There may have been signs your relationship is in trouble. Perhaps you did not understand the signs so could not avoid relationships trouble. Some of the signs your relationship is in trouble that you didn’t see before your relationship became unbearable may include but not limited to the following signs.

You And Your Partner Have Consistent Unresolved Issues Always

When you and your partner keep having consistent unresolved arguments issues, then you are experiencing relationships trouble in your relationship. You argue about anything. You no longer come to discuss issues rather you argue. In most cases, you argue for no just reason. Healthy arguments comes in a healthy relationship. However the argument becomes bad for the relationship if it is of negative intention.

Communication Between You And Your Partner Has Gone Bad

Good communication is the bed rock of any successful relationship. In a healthy relationship, you can talk about anything with your partner freely. This is not always the case in an unhealthy relationship. When communication is relegated to the back in your relationship,expect relationships trouble.  Both of you don’t care any longer to to tell each other things you ordinarily would have shared together. You find it difficult to communicate freely with each other. This is a sign of trouble in your relationship.

You no Longer do Things Together

This in most cases happens when there is lack of communication. You don’t talk to each other as often as you should. You and your partner do things differently. Keeping each other in the dark about what is happening in your separate lives. You no longer come together to plan. There is no more closeness between both of you. This is one of the signs your relationship is in trouble.

You Ignore Each Other

This is one of the signs your relationship is in trouble that should really border you. Especially if you want to keep your relationship. This is because by so doing you will kill intimacy in your relationship. You avoid each other at a time meant to be a time of closeness and intimacy. For example, at bed time, if any of you lie down before the other, you pretend to be asleep when your partner come around. This destabilizes emotional connection between both of you.

You no Longer Have The Urge to See Each Other

In any healthy relationship, you and your partner always look forward to seeing each other. You keep looking at your time and the time will seem slow. This happens whenever you are supposed to see each other. If this no longer happens, then there is trouble in your relationship. You should seek relationship help. You now hate the weekends because of the love of your life. This should tell you that you are now in an unhealthy relationship.

You Contemplate Having an Affair

To me this is one of the ultimate signs your relationship is in trouble. This if not properly and wisely handled, may be the end of your relationship. This means that you are no longer emotionally connected. Love, intimacy, companionship and satisfaction are gone from your relationship. Your partner no longer meet these needs for you. You look outside to get them fulfilled. You are no longer attracted to your partner physically and emotionally.

You And Your Partner See Only The Negative Side of Each Other

The fastest way to hate or dislike someone is to start seeing only the negative things about them. You or your lover find fault in almost everything you do. This is a very strong sign of relationships trouble. It can easily break any relationship. If you want to keep your relationship, you must find solution for the this relationship problem.

You Are no Longer Interested in Their Interest

This is one of the sure signs your relationship is in trouble. One of the signs of real deep love in a relationship is being interested in what interests your partner. If you notice this in your love affair, then you need help with your relationship. You don’t care about each other any more.

Lose of Sexual Interest

We all understand how important is sex in a relationship. With Holding Sex in a Relationship in most case is a sign of infidelity. This is why lose of sexual interest in your partner is one of the most deadly signs your relationship is in trouble. It kills the emotional connection that binds both of you together.

Unnecessary Hostility

When your partner suddenly start becoming hostile towards you, it is a sign that something is wrong. You find out that they are angry for no just cause. You become restless, depressed and always living with tension and fear. You become afraid to express yourself. If you notice all this with your spouse, you need help with your relationship.

These signs your relationship is in trouble discussed above are not by any means the only relationships trouble signs. If your partner tell lies often, start being unnecessarily rigid, with holding information from you are all signs of an unhealthy relationship. Seek relationship help if you notice any of these signs in your relationship.



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