nonverbal communication skills to improve your relationship

nonverbal communication skillsTo understand the nonverbal signals of your partner, there are some nonverbal communication skills you must develop. These communication skills will help you to easily decode the body language and nonverbal messages of your partner. Without these nonverbal communication skills, your relationship is likely to experience relationship communication problems. Use these nonverbal communication tips to improve your nonverbal communication skills to avoid relationship problems in your relationship.

Be Attentive To Nonverbal Signals

Your partner can communicate information to you in different ways, verbally or in a nonverbal manner. To this effect, you must pay attention to your partner’s nonverbal signals and body language like gestures, eye contact, body movement, posture and tone of voice. They may be conveying important information to you through these nonverbal signals without saying a word. Paying attention to the nonverbal behaviours of your partner will help you improve your own ability to communicate non verbally.

Lookout For Inconsistencies

This is one of the nonverbal communication skills you need to develop to make your relationship a success. Nonverbal communication in most cases reinforces or emphasizes what is being said. See if the body language of your partner does not match their spoken words. It is a proven fact that most people tend to forget about spoken words and focus on nonverbal signals when words does not match the nonverbal behaviours of their spouse.

Consider Nonverbal Signals As A Group

Concentrating on and reading too much meaning into a single nonverbal behaviour or nonverbal signal can be misleading. You can easily misunderstand or misinterpret your partners nonverbal signals if you concentrate on a single nonverbal behaviour. You have to look for groups of behaviours your partner is displaying that emphasizes a common point to better understand the nonverbal message they are passing to you. From eye contact to gestures, tone of voice and general body language.

Consider The Situation On Ground

When communicating with your partner, always put into consideration the situation on ground that lead to the communication. This is one of the nonverbal communication skills that is very important for any relationship to be successful. Consider which nonverbal behaviour is appropriate for the situation. You must concentrate on ways to make your nonverbal signals match the level of formality necessary for the situation on ground. Putting this into practice will help you improve your nonverbal communication skills.

Always Use Signals When Communicating

Nonverbal communication skills can be improved with constant practice. Whenever you are communicating with your partner, always use nonverbal signals to make communication more effective and meaningful. Using body language that supports what you are saying can help you improve your verbal communication also.

Understand And Use Good Eye Contact

Understanding good eye contact is one of the nonverbal communication skills you need to develop to make your relationship a success. Many different meanings are read to eye contact. Too much eye contact may seem confrontational or intimidating. In the other way round, your partner may feel that you are trying to hide something from them if you fail to look them in the eyes. You don’t have to stare fixedly at the eyes of your partner to make a good eye contact. According to some experts, eye contact intervals lasting four to five seconds is recommended.

Master Your Tone Of Voice

Mastering your own tone of voice is another of nonverbal communication skills for a successful relationship that you need to develop. This is because your tone of voice can convey a lot of information to your partner.Things like anger, enthusiasm, interest and disinterest can be noticed from your tone of voice. Consider how your tone of voice affects how your partner responds to you when you use it to emphasize the information you want to pass to them. You will know the importance of tone of voice is in a conversation.

Ask Your Partner Questions About Their Nonverbal Signals You Don’t Understand

Nonverbal signals can be misread and misleading if not properly decoded and understood. For this reason, you have to ask your partner questions about their nonverbal signals you don’t understand. This will help you understand them better and improve your nonverbal communication skills.

Nonverbal communication skills if developed and improved will help you improve your relationship with your partner. Nonverbal signals and body language help to emphasize verbal communication. It makes it more effective and meaningful. To improve your nonverbal communication skills, you must put them to practice daily. This will also help improve the emotional connection between you and your partner.

Take action now! Improve your nonverbal skills to make your marriage and relationship the next relationship success story.





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