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Couple in Love

If you have been in a romantic relationship or online dating relationship with a guy for sometime, it is only normal for you to start thinking of settling down with him. However you have know if he has what makes a good husband in him before taking marriage vow. If you have been wondering what makes a good husband, here are some qualities of a good husband to lookout for in the man you want to get married to.

1. Honesty and Pleasant

One of the signs he will make a good husband to lookout for in your future husband is honesty. There are occasions that warrant white lies, however a good husband should not be the type that keeps too many secrets from his wife. He should be open to his wife. He should be warm, kind and positive. He should be pleasant not just to you as the wife to be or the wife alone as the case may be but also with people around you. Honesty is what builds a relationship.

2. He is Faithful

Are you searching for what makes a good husband? Faithfulness is a top quality of a good husband to lookout for in the man you want to marry. Since you have been in a relationship with him, how faithful has he been? If he has not been faithful now that you are still in courtship, what makes you think he will change and become a faithful husband when you eventually get married. Does it look like he will respect the vow when you eventually say i do? Consider this very well to avoid heart break.

3. Reliable And Supportive

A great husband is reliable and always there when the wife needs him. Every woman needs the husbands support in all stages of life. Does your intending husband provide assurance when you feel down? Is he available for you when you need a shoulder to cry or when you need support from him? Does he show you he cares, especially when he is not near. Does he keep to his words or always not fulfilling his words?

4. Respectful

There is a saying that respect is reciprocal. Respect can be reflected in many ways including the way one behaves and talks. When your future husband talk to you does he show you some respect? He should speak to you in a loving manner and not in a harsh way. A great husband does not humiliate or harm his wife in private or in public. Does he treat you with respect when both of you are alone and in front of others. Even though you are not yet married, does he consider your opinion and contributions when making important decisions that will affect your union in future? Looking for what makes a good husband?, this is one of the best qualities to look out for.

5. Communication

When looking at what makes a good husband, communication should be given priority. Good communication is the key to any successful marriage and relationship. If you are considering what  makes a good husband, good communication should be one of things to consider. Good communication helps in building trust and strengthens a relationship. You can only understand each others mood, attitude, feelings, values, likes and dislikes if you communicate properly with each often. How do you resolve issues and quarrels because they are bound to come. Any relationship without quarrels and arguments is characterized with a lot of pretense and cannot move forward. Does he call you so that both of you can sit down and resolve the problem between the two of you.  Is he open to you or keep you in the dark about what is going on in his life. Does keep so many secrets from you. Is he a good listener? Because you must be a good listener to be a good communicator. How free are you when talking with each other. Be rest assured that if you are having communication problems now, it definitely will get worse when you eventually say i do. Be sure you are free to tell him anything. If  you are considering what makes a good husband then this must be given priority.

6. He Must Be Interested In Your Interest

One of the things to consider when checking if your future husband has what makes a good husband is to know if he is interested in your interest. How does your future husband react to your likes and dislikes, does what interest you also interests him. Does he help you to achieve your goals and interests? How supportive is your husband to be to your life purpose and career and other things. Do you have common interests or hobbies, live and marriage issues. Sharing the same view on leisure time as well as supportive of your free time is a top quality of a good husband to lookout of in your hubby.

7. Why Does He Love You

A good husband does not love his wife just because of her beauty. If your future husband loves you because of your beauty, you don’t need anybody to tell you that when your beauty fades away because it is bound to, his love for you also fades away with your beauty. He should love you unconditionally for whom you are and what you are, if he is the man you want to marry. It takes real deep love for a man to still love his wife when her physical beauty is no longer there.

8. How Does He Argue

Arguments and misunderstandings are part of every relationship. They are meant to strengthen a relationship. Arguments and misunderstandings gives you an opportunity to know each other better. Quarrels and fights  should end with an agreement and compromise and should move the relationship forward. This can only be possible if both of you fight fair and argue constructively. A good husband does not get angry with every disagreement, he does not always want to have the last word or hurl insults at his wife.

Having now known what makes a good husband, you can now decide if that man in your life will make a good husband or not. These tips on what makes a good husband is not all. You can decide what makes a good husband for you. This depend on what you want from your man.






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  1. victor ofuasia says:

    Women should not be blinded by the sweet talk of men, they should look deeper than the physical appearance to choose their man for marriage.
    Thanks for your deep insight into choosing a man for future marriage.

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