Top 8: signs she will make a good wife


Sign She Will Make A good wife

Getting married can be the best or the worst thing to happen in the life of a man. It can make you or break you. Your choice of what makes a good wife will play a very important role in whether your marriage will be a good marriage or a bad one. There are certain characteristics you need to see in the woman in your life before you can conclude if she will make a good wife or not. Here are the top 8 signs to lookout for, to know if she will make a great wife or not.

  • Trustworthy,Loyal And Dedicated

A good wife should be trustworthy and loyal to her husband. Building trust in most cases takes a little time, she should strive to make her husband develop trust in her, especially when they apart. No man will be happy to be hearing funny stories about his wife when comes back from a journey. A great wife loves her husband even with all his flaws. She should be loyal and obedient to him and ready to go to war with him, irrespective of life challenges. You must be dedicated to your husband and to the vow you took on your wedding day.

  • You Have Common And Similar Interests

It takes two tango. Once both of you have similar interest, it makes decision taking and mutual understanding easier. It will be easy for you and your wife to direct your efforts and resources towards achieving a common interest and goal without much stress and argument.

  • Respect

A good wife respects her husband. If the woman you want to marry does not have respect for you or regard your words, it is a sign of imminent problem after getting married eventually. She should consider you in every situation, decision and action she takes.

  • Good Communication

Good communication is the bedrock of any happy relationship, be it marriage or just friends. You and the woman you want to marry should feel free and comfortable talking to each other about anything. The more effective your communication with her, the less likely any of you will hold back, if there is a problem.

  • Intimacy/Good Bedroom Relationship

A great wife keeps her husband happy in the bedroom. The bedroom relationship that exists between you and your wife has a very big influence on how both of you will live together after exchanging wedding vows. Your bedroom relationship should create a very strong intimacy between both of you. As a woman, you must look to understand the needs of your man from his perspective and not your own perspective.

  • Finance/Support

It is normal and natural for you to take care of your wife. However, it is not always easy for you to be the only one that brings money back home. A good wife should be able to assist and support her husband financially, morally and other wise for the good of her relationship and marriage. You will feel better to know that your wife is not a liability to you as a man and that you can rely on her for support in times of financial crises.

  • Emotional Stability

Your bride to be should be able to have a real life of her own and can stand on her own emotionally. She should display confidence and be able to meet you intellectually and make you see her beauty inside and outside.

  • She is Nag Free

A great wife should be nag free. She does not take to nagging when she want her husband to perform her desired task. Nagging does not work, rather you get the opposite of what she want.

There are so many qualities of a good wife, however the eight signs discussed in this article should serve as a guide for you to access her to know if she is the one for you or not.












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