Signs Your Partner Is Dating Your Best Friend

dating your best friendThere are varieties of relationship which men and women engage in, both good and bad relationships. This may be just friends or a deep romantic relationship. The partners involved may decide to make their romantic relationship a secret. This may be because of factors such as the existence of another relationship such as marriage, fear and may that they are in a wrong relationship. However it is always very sad to know that your partner is dating your best friend. If you suspect that your partner is having an affair with your best friend just lookout for the following signs of men and women in a relationship.

1. Their Emotions

Signs of jealousy and possessiveness are common with individuals in a relationship. If you suspect that your partner is having a relation with your best friend or someone else simply pay attention to the way they react to attentions they give to each other or from one of them to another person of the opposite sex and the the way they communicate with each other. A cheating partner may likely express love and affection to his or her partner more often than usual, in most cases out of guilt.

2. Physical Signs

Keep your eyes open for physical signs of people having a romantic relationship. If your partner is cheating on you by dating your best friend, he may start to make unusual sexual requests. This sudden change of libido may be as a result of the effect of the other relationship. It is not unusual for a man having a secret relationship to be coming home late with lipsticks on their collar. For ladies they may come home smelling of strange perfumes. People in romantic relationships tend to exhibit specific body language like looking each others eyes, watching or looking out for each other especially in social functions, watching how each other react and communicate with people of the opposite sex. All this point towards a possible connection beyond just friends or colleagues.

3. Changes In Behavior

The behavior of any man or woman in a new relationship more often than not changes. Two friends hiding a dating relationship may unusually spend more time together alone than with other friends. In the case of ladies, they may buy new cloths, wear more makeups just to impress the new man. The grooming habit of a cheating partner also changes. If Your partner is dating your best friend, his grooming habit may change just to suit that of your best friend. They may suddenly start hiding their cell phone, deleting call lists and whispering when receiving calls from certain phone numbers.

If you see the signs mentioned in the post in your partner and your best friend, then it is most like your partner is dating your best friend.







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