Signs He Really Loves You

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signs he really loves you

A man may not likely tell you he loves you but may have said “i love you” in more than hundred ways by his actions. Yet you keep looking for signs he really loves you. You can find out if he loves you or not by taking note of his actions and body language. Here are some signs he really loves you.

1. He Is Not Tired Of Being With You

When a man is in love with you, he enjoys being around you even if there is really nothing to do or discuss, just to gist and share his time together with you. It does not matter how long he has been with you. What matters to him is that he is with you and happy. When looking for signs he really loves you, this is one that you should not ignore.

2. He Genuinely Cares About You

One of the signs he really loves you that you must not take for granted is genuine care. He can go out of his way just to make you happy, comfortable and to fulfill any promise he made to you. Your problem becomes his problem. He becomes interested in your interest. Whenever he asks how you are doing he genuinely cares about the answer and always ready to assist you even when you did not ask for assistance.

3. You Become Part Of His Future

When he start making statements such as “our children will attend the best schools”, “we will build our own house five years after our wedding”, know that he loves you and is already seeing a future with you being part of it. Some will go to the extent of buying gifts and items for you with your first name and their surname on the receipt. This definitely will tell you he is in love with you and want to spend the rest of his life with you. This is another of the major signs he really loves you that if seen, you should start preparing for marriage.

4. He Tells The World About You

If a man is in love with you he will not make the relationship a secret. He will introduce you to his parents, friends and other family members. He will share your relationship with the world, to let them know that he loves you and want you to be part of his entire life. What they feel or say about you does not really worry him, all he cares is that you are part of his future.

5. The Light In His Eyes

One other way to know if he really loves you is through his eyes. Whenever he sees you his eyes light up. If he looks away quickly when yo catch him staring at you, it is a very good sign he loves you. The eyes always give away someone who is in love. He stares deeply into your eyes.

6. He Keeps His Promises To You

Any man in love will make sure he keeps any promise he made to you. If he promises to visit you, he will, if he promise to call, he definitely will call. He will keep his promises because he does not want to hot you and to tell you he loves and cares about you. If he breaks any of his promises, then something is wrong some where. This one of the major signs he really loves you.

7. His Body Language Says A lot

A man in love with you will touch your face,cradle your chin in his hands, pick things from your face or body. He will brush your hair from your eyes. He will hold your hand in public. If any part of his body come in contact with yours, he will not take it away rather he will let it remain in contact. He will always do something to bring your body in contact with his.

If you are looking for signs he really loves you then start with the few discussed in this post and as you go along you will discover many more signs of real deep love from him. Follow these signs of love to find out if your man loves you. However you are strongly advised to exercise caution to ascertain that all he is doing is a deceit.





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