Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

long distance relationship

Long distance relationship

Making a long distance relationship work is always a problem to those who are in such a relationship. You don’t need to quit that relationship because of distance rather you can take advantage of it to make that deep love real and stronger. Follow these advice for long distance relationship to take away the distance in your relationship, make its real love shine and make the world jealous.

1. Communicate Effectively And Regularly

Making long distance relationship work requires much effort and sacrifice. You have to communicate effectively and regularly to limit loneliness and to keep that romance alive. Take advantage of all the available modes of communication. However you must talk to each other every day. Send romantic text messages, social networks like facebook and twitter gives you a good opportunity to be in touch with your loved one any time, any where, any day. There should be a time set aside by you and your partner to always communicate with each other every day and that time must be kept. Get internet connection and especially a webcam , it is an added advantage. A webcam will give you the advantage of of learning your partners body language and facial expressions. It also makes the interactions much more enjoyable. Communicating everyday is the key to staying connected and reminding yourselves that you are in each others thoughts always.

2. Respect Each Other

How to show respect to your partner is one of long distance relationship issues that can break up a relationship if not properly handled. Before you conclude or take decision on some issues in your relationship, you have to consider the feelings of your partner regardless of whether he is around or not. Don’t over look or underestimate your partners feelings, it can be dangerous. There are times when they won’t have time to make calls or reach out to you,don’t just conclude that they are not putting enough effort to make things work rather put yourself in their shoes and see if you will act differently.

3. Trust Each Other

When starting a long distance relationship, one of the most important things to build is trust. Without trusting each other, it will be difficult for your relationship to get stronger and be successful. If you cannot trust your partner enough that he or she can keep the interest of you and your relationship at heart, you better quit the relationship to avoid physical and emotional health problems as a result of heart break. You don’t have to distrust someone unless they have given you reasons to do so. One of the most common problems in long distance relationships is cheating. People often accuse their partner of cheating on them when they feel he or she is not meeting up with things they want them to do. There is no reason for this unless they have cheated on you before

4. Visit Each Other As Often As Possible

Visiting each other can be a very big boost for long distance relationships. Planning for a visit will give both of you something to look forward to. When you set a date, both of you will be working and planning it together to make the visit a success. You have to plan for the expenses together. You can even split the cost of the trip to make sure the trip is successful. It is worth making a trip to see that special person in your life, regardless of what it takes to make the trip.

5. Keep The Romance Alive

Keeping romance alive is also very important in distance relationship. You need to keep romance alive in any romantic relationship to make it interesting and fun. Make your partner feel special. Send them gifts, love text messages and love letters. Showing any token of affection is a very good way to keep romance alive from a distance. Those gifts of affection will give your partner something to feel or touch and hold on to when he or she needs to touch you but cannot reach you. Sending them things they like such as books, under wears, articles you think they will be interested in, saying things like ‘i love you’, ‘i miss you’ will help your relationship a lot. Taking interest in their interests will give them constant reassurance that you care about them and think about them always. This will tremendously benefit your relationship.

For long distance couples, remember you are in this long distance relationship because you love each other and it is not forever, so don’t let distance destroy your happiness. It is just a hurdle you have to cross to get to your promise land, so make the most of it. Enjoy the benefits of long distance in your relationship which include better romantic communication and sweet reunions.






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  2. john micah gorrie says:

    some times it works but it is so difficult for couples to trust each other.i have a girl in senegal while am in kenya.the long distance is killing me

    1. admin says:

      you didn’t state if you have met each other in person before, if you have then you have to exercise patience knowing fully well that it is only for a while. however if you have not seen each other physically, you just have to plan together on how to visit each other. For that long distance relationship to blossom, there must be a high degree of trust and patience

  3. olushola says:

    effective communication is very important in any relationship

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