How To Improve Communication In A Relationship

real deep loveGood communication in a relationship is a major catalyst to a healthy relationship. It leads to a stronger relationship. For you to communicate effectively with your partner, you must be able to convey your thoughts and emotions to your partner as well as be able to absorb your partners emotions and thoughts. Most experts believe that not having good communication in a relationship is the major cause of relationship problems couples experience in their relationships. Follow the effective communication tips below to improve communication in your relationship.

1. Improve Your Listening Skills

Communication is a two way thing. You send and receive feed back. Effective communication begins with effective listening. Don’t interrupt them and don’t be defensive in your response. Hear them out, reflect back what they said to them to confirm that you heard them. This will help you understand them better and give them the feeling that you are actually listening to them. It will also help you not to digress from the issue at hand. To achieve this you must improve on your listening skills. Improved communication in a relationship can be achieved with updated and improved listening skills and understanding of each other.

2. Focus On The Issue At Hand

This in most cases is difficult to achieve especially with people who keep silent over some issues they should have disused with their partner. When you bring up past issues related to the issue at hand, it makes it difficult to find a solution to the current issue. Your partner may feel that you don’t trust them enough to be open and sincere to them. This may cause another problem all together. Be sure to take issues one at a time to make finding a lasting solution easier.

3. Don’t Be Defensive In Response To Issues

Understand that issues and criticisms are often exaggerated and color added because of the other persons emotions. Try to understand the persons pain and make them understand you can feel their pain. Pull out the truths in their word for it will be of great value to you and in resolving the issue as well as improving communication in your relationship. Own up to any area you are wrong or found wanting as it will help to diffuse the situation and shows maturity. This if not handled properly may cause a break down of communication in a relationship.

4. Don’t Avoid Any Issue, Talk Them Over

This is one of the major cause of break down of communication in a relationship. You get so upset with your partner that you don’t want to discuss any issue with the person. Instead you keep avoiding your partner and avoiding to discuss the issue. By so doing you keep prolonging the solution to the problem. The truth is that you are not benefiting your relationship in anyway by avoiding problems. You and your partner can find a lasting solution together by looking at the issues and facing them together. This will help remove communication break down in your relationship. Realize that two wrongs cannot make a right.

5. Open Lines Of Communication Is Better Than Being Right

There are times you feel and you are actually right and want to prove it at all cost regardless of its effect on your relationship. You just pick a fight with your partner until you are satisfied you have won. I don’t see any good in your being right and then every communication line in your relationship goes off. Be willing to see things from other points of view. Thou it may not make you feel any better,  however it gives you an opportunity to learn.

6. Improve Your Nonverbal Communication Skills

Nonverbal communication skills is a must if you desire a successful relationship. Some people choose not to communicate verbally. They prefer nonverbal communication to verbal communication which is another way to improve communication in a relationship. They communicate through actions and body language. You can only understand them if you pay close attention to them. In most cases, their actions and body language are far more incisive into what they want to say. Most relationship issues arise due to lack of good communication skills. For you to be a good communicator, you must be constantly improving your communication skills. Poor communication can bring disagreements,misunderstandings, create distance, anger, frustration and can end a relationship if not properly handled.

Good and effective communication in a relationship makes the relationship more interesting, fun and successful. Realizing the importance of good communication in any romantic relationship and making genuine efforts to keep the lines of communication open will make your relationship stronger and happier. Make it a point of duty to improve your communication skills to better your relationship because good communication in a relationship will help make you live longer and healthier.





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