Does Real Deep Love Still Exist

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real deep love

Real deep love still exist but may be difficult to find or detect. Sometimes you feel you have real deep love for that special person. In some cases you think what that person have for you is deep love. You may discover that your heart get racing and your mouth get dried up each time you get close to that special person. However, this is not really a complete proof that you truly love that person. It may only be a sign of infatuation or that you are attracted to the person on a basic level. To know if what you have for him or her is real love, look out for the following signs of true love

1. Do You Feel Comfortable Around Him Or Her

If you have real deep love for someone you will always feel comfortable around him or her. You have the feeling that both of you have known each other for a very long time while in the actual sense you just knew each other for a few months now. Your goals in life, values, belief and philosophies may be different, but in most cases you both agree with each other on most matters. Generally, you feel better about yourself and everything else because of that special person in your life.

2. You Don’t Seem To Get Enough Of Her Or Him

If deep is your love for someone, it makes you keep looking forward to seeing her or him every minute of the day. You keep thinking about them all the time and you don’t get tired or bored think about them or been around him or her. No matter how tight your work schedule is or how busy you are with other things, you always make out time to see him or see her and as well talk to them on phone. You always want to make them feel that they are special and very important in your life.

3. If You Can Give Up Everything For Her or For Him

Real deep love makes want to do anything in the whole wide world just to make that special one you love happy, safe and comfortable. You feel that nothing in the world is more important to you than that special person. His or her happiness, safety and comfort becomes your priority. You can give up every other thing for your love.

4. You Are Eager To Discover More About Him Or Her

If you are in love so deep with somebody, you will always be eager to discover more about him or about her. You get interested in their interest. You want to know their dreams and aspirations and even how they tend to achieve them. You concern yourself about their thoughts and philosophy about certain issues in life. You will be very eager to know their back ground and even their past.

5. You Feel You Are A Better Person Because Of Him Or Her

One of the things that confirm the deep love real is that after passing through trials and tribulations in your relationship, it makes your relationship stronger. You get matured, become supportive, reasonable, warm and protective. You will no longer be quick in making conclusions on issues in your relationship and life in general. You become a better person in every area of life, giving kudos to that special person in your life.

Real deep love can be identified by these points mention above and many more. If you feel this way about someone or somebody feels this way about you it is a sign that they are deep in love with you or you are in love so deep with him or her.




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    these are all true facts that cannot be ignored if you are really looking for real love. i love this

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