Getting Back Together With An Ex

Now that your relationship with someone special in your life has ended but you can’t get over your ex, you just want him back. Getting back together with an ex is not an easy task to undertake, however it is possible. To get back together with your ex, follow the steps below.

1. Find Out The Cause Of The Breakup

Before taking any step to get back your ex, you must first consider why you broke up in the first place. Are you the cause of the breakup or was it as a result of external factors. Did your ex leave you for another person? Was either of you abusive or over possessive? Was it as a result of cheating or is it an attitude problem? Were you meeting his or her emotional needs? Were you satisfying him or her sexually? There so many things that can cause breakup in a relationship or marriage. You have to consider properly and get solutions to these problems if you want your ex back.

2. Find Out Why Your Ex Loved You

Before the breakup you were both in love. Find out those things that made your ex love you, those things that special one love about you and see if you have changed in any way. Make amends where necessary. Can you still meet his or her emotional needs, is that trust still there or not. Does he or she ever compliment your outfits? What does your ex cherish most in you? Find out all these things and use them to your advantage each time you have the opportunity to meet with that special person. This is a must if you want to get your ex back.

3. Find Out If Your Ex Still Cares

Getting back together with an ex will be easier if the person still cares. You have to find out if the person still cares so that you will not be making a futile effort. If the person still cares then there is chance that your relationship can be amended. If the case is the other way round then you have a very big task ahead of you. Anytime you have the opportunity to speak with your ex, listen carefully to his or her choice of words and also take note if the person gave you a proper attention or not.

4. Let Your Ex Know You Still Think About Him Or Her

Inform him or her whenever you visit those popular places both of you normally go together. It is not wrong for you to send them text messages letting them know you visited such places. This will bring back the memories of your days together at such places. If possible always make out time to see the person in those familiar places you always visit together if he or she still visits such places. Asking him or her how they are doing in an email or text message and requesting for a reply is not a bad idea if you want to win back your ex.

5. Invite Your Ex For A Talk

Your first word is important in this regard. If you say the wrong words you may lose the chance of getting back together with your ex. If  there are uncommon or unusual words he or she uses always slip it into your conversations. Make the person understand that you are aware both of you have broken up. Express regrets that things were not working the way it should between both of you. You can make your first meeting a casual one with no serious talk about your relationship.

Careless about what people think or say about you, it doesn’t really matter, be honest with the person and yourself, focus on getting back together with your ex. Getting back together with an ex is not as easy as it seems, especially if you don’t have a clue whether he or she still cares or not. Be casual and allow the person to initiate asking you the serious question first,especially as regards to your breakup. If your ex left you for another person, do ask him or her about the person and do not hit out at their best friend because this may anger him or her. Remember to send compliments and good wishes to them on special dates in his or her life such as birthdays and the likes.



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    1. admin says:

      so sorry your relationship has gone sore. however, if you wish to save your marriage, you must first of all find out what brought your marriage to the state it is now. i think you and your partner had and are still having communication issue. check some other post in this site like “how to improve your relationship” for a start. best of luck

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