Help For Single Ladies Looking For Marriage

Help For Single Ladies Looking For Marriage

Help For Single Ladies Looking For MarriageAre you apprehensive about finding a husband and are seriously looking for marriage especially before your beauty and youth fade away? You are definitely in the same shoes with many thousands of single women out there. No need to worry because help is on the way.

Getting right results is all about doing things the right way as opposed to the popular way of doing things. Please be careful to follow what I call my four immutable laws of relationships.

LAW NUMBER 1: Never fall into the sex snare

Never confuse men that are looking for sex with those that are looking for marriage. They may both look and sound dangerously alike! The unfortunate outcome is that a lot of folks think marriage is for sex and so they simply can’t tell the difference.

Just because a man shows interest in wanting to go to bed with you does not mean he is looking for marriage and will make a good husband. Also, just because a man is dynamite in bed, does not mean he will make a good husband. In my own candid opinion, I think there is too much emphasis these days on the so-called “sex appeal”. Women are merely viewed as objects by the male folks since who they are gets defined by how sexually appealing they appear to be.

If getting a husband material is your goal then you must choose never to dance to the gallery when it comes to meeting the societies’ demand for the sexy woman. Simply decide to be your self. Period! Is there a guy out there who is more interested in you putting up the image of what you know you’re not? Then let go of him because he’s not worthy of you.

A man who chases you today because of your great physique and pretty face may not be too interested in you in the next 20 years when the altitude of your breast falls and you’re not as good looking as you once were! Intimacy before marriage is the surest and cheapest way to kill intimacy in marriage. You definitely don’t want that to happen to you.

LAW NUMBER 2: Believe in yourself

You must learn to agree with yourself that you deserve a very special man in your life. You must also as a matter of necessity affirm the same constantly to yourself. Life is too short to be bitter and unhappy! When people perceive that you know what you’re doing and that you know where you’re going, they tend to make room for you.

You deserve the best and you sure are going to get it if you think and believe so. Those who unconsciously or sub-consciously believe they deserve no good thing never get any good thing in reality.

LAW NUMBER 3: Come back to earth

It was in the dark ages of Europe and the Elizabethan times that women were treated like a piece of household property. Fortunately in the 20th century, women’s liberation came along and the female folks could get a good education and choose to pursue the career pathway and the life style of their own choosing.

Well the snag there is this: Though you are free to be who you want to be and do what you want to do with your life without limitations as in olden times, you may as well have been concentrating on your career for too long and are finding that many men your age are already married!! That could be a very shocking discovery to make especially when you’re closely approaching thirty-five to forty years of age and are looking for marriage.

There is therefore the need to be balance in ones pursuit. This requires that you don’t give too much time to your career that your relationships are the worse for it. This highly essential among known marriage tips cannot be over emphasized so get real.

LAW NUMBER 4: Be Open to moving If You Can

Being willing to go where a man already is, or to a new place together, can really increase the number of potential candidates. This is by far one the most neglected of all the marriage tips. There are experts who want you to believe that the world revolves or must revolve around you.

However what does the magic of connecting you to your man is really your willingness to bend a bit to accommodate the other person’s desires. Saying that you would be willing to move for the right man can greatly increase the number of responses you get. You can be searching all over the nation, instead of just searching within 40 miles of your home. Any flexibility can help, even if you’re only willing to move to a different part of your state.

With these laws as your guide you cannot but get hooked in the shortest possible time. Quality marriage tips are scarce, so you do well to stick to things that are in line with sound judgment (as these 4 powerful laws above).

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