Relationship Tips And Advice That Are Hard To Find

Relationship Tips And Advice That Are Hard To Find

Relationship Tips And Advice That Are Hard To FindOver the years, in the course of giving relationship tips and advice, one constant need I have always seen in those who desire to settle down to a lasting marital relationship but have been unable to is that they had attitude problems.

Until you grab a hold on your emotions you may not have much on ground to give motion to the strong lasting relationship you so desperately desire. The following relationship love advice/tips are ever green and will never fade with use.


Never forget this: circumstances or chance did not make you spouseless up till this time, rather the present circumstance has only served to reveal yourself to you. Your status will change when you change.

People don’t attract what they want instead they attract what they ARE! You are what you think. Every person is where they are as a result of the execution of an impartial law of being that excuses no man; the thoughts which has been built into the person’s character has brought such to the point where she now finds herself, and in the arrangement of her life there is no element of chance, but all is the result of a law which is infallible.


Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results neither can bad thoughts and actions produce good results. You must always maintain a positive attitude. Are you desirous of a strong healthy relationship? Then remove envy from your heart. This may probably be the best relationship tips and advice you can ever get. Eschew bitterness towards someone perhaps younger than your self whom you feel shouldn’t be getting married before you.

You may have quite a number of such people around you already. Throw away fear, doubt, despair and immoral thoughts and replace them with virtuous and noble thought and you’ll see your rise in altitude . Learn to be happy for others and your own happiness will manifest. I have seen many get envious when a younger woman is getting married before them. Some have even confessed to wishing the bride-to-be ill and hoping the wedding will simply not hold. Such an attitude as this is bound to get you nowhere.


For many, it is layer upon layer of make-up on their face to look attractive. For others it is getting breast enlargement done or going for liposuction. Indeed first impression is very important and you never get a second chance to make a first impression but it must be made clear that the state of your mind affects your physical appearance in no small measure. Would you be youthful, beautiful and desirable? Then do away with thoughts of malice and envy. A sour face does not come by chance; it is made by sour thoughts.

Wrinkles that mar are drawn by folly, passion, and pride. You may have a woman that is well advanced in age but having the face and disposition of a bright little girl. While a young woman who has allowed disappointment and despondency to rob her body of its health and grace mars her face with wrinkles and contours fitting for an aged woman! This is the outcome of passion and discontent.

Many experts today that are looked up to for advice in love relationship do well to stress the need to look good if you want to live your dream, but few stress the cultivation of the real beauty that flows from inside out. Relationship tips and advice that do not stress inward beauty is no advice.


Stuffs like love potions, casting spells on the man, manipulative tactics, seduction and intimidation are increasingly being experimented in by desperate women. Many online get- a- spouse program actually sell these to gullible women seeking marriage advice for women and encourage such use of diabolic means to achieve marital happiness. Do these online programs really capture the true essence of men and love relationships? As a man I would say the answer is NO!

Those who bought into these have unconsciously bought a lie and a time bomb. It surely will backfire! It is nothing but whitewashed witchcraft. The man who is the victim of this assault will become un-balanced because an un- natural means is being used on him to trap him into a relationship. He may break into fits of rage, spells of depression and might even become suicidal. You as a woman using these means cannot but feel unfulfilled, unhappy, dissatisfied and full of guilt.

This is because deep down within you, you know that the relationship you’re having is not real, true or lasting. True relationship love advice is for you to run from such things and never look back! What does seduction do to a man? It evokes lust not love and care. What does intimidation do to a man? It evokes fear, hatred or even terror of you, never love and respect for you. What does potions and manipulative tactics do to a man? It puts him in a trance existence, low self esteem state and a crushed, helpless spirit.

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